Visit for free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos showing you how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. Today's video header shows two miniature doll clothes hangers (coat hangers) with a fuzzy look to them. The overlay says "Pipe Cleaner Hangers" and offers the website (where you can find the step-by-step tutorial video which shows and tells you how to make a 1:6 scale doll clothing wire-style hanger out of chenille stems (otherwise known as pipe cleaner).

How to Make Doll Clothes Hangers Out of Pipe Cleaners (Chenille Stems) — a #DIY #craftproject

Hi guys! Today’s video tutorial is very brief, but also very simple. As the title implies, it teaches you how to make doll clothes hangers out of pipe cleaners (AKA chenille stems). Granted, the final look for these miniature doll clothes hangers is sort of fuzzy, but if you’ve been in Target lately, cruising the Home Decor department, you may have seen these velvet hangers … Continue reading How to Make Doll Clothes Hangers Out of Pipe Cleaners (Chenille Stems) — a #DIY #craftproject

Click on the blue hyperlink words below this image, if you'd like to watch the video tutorial that shows how to make a 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace. This project uses scrapbook paper with a "brick look," foam board, glue, hot glue, a picture frame, a cardboard box, markers, and a pencil to build the miniature fireplace.

How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

Today’s video tutorial shows you how to make your own dollhouse fireplace with a brick chimney and dais, a mantel, and wisps of fire in the hearth. I’m using primarily scrapbooking supplies for this DIY 1:6 scale diorama project. If you like making dollhouse miniatures, I actually have quite a few videos about building dollhouse miniatures for your dioramas. Click here to visit that gallery. … Continue reading How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll from viewing her computer screen, and on the screen is the YouTube channel entitled "Pipe Cleaner Crafts," which is the topic of this week's hashtag Friday follow feature on

Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Today’s #FridayFollow recommendation is Pipe Cleaner Crafts on YouTube. The video I’ve posted here with permission comes from Pipe Cleaner Crafts, but they have a lot of additional videos showing how to make diorama miniatures, doll houses, and more! You should go check them out! I frequently get requests for doll shoe and boot patterns, and as you can see in the video above, Pipe … Continue reading Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

This amazing lady, who goes by Starrcreative, left me a helpful comment here on about a video that wasn’t working and needed a little maintenance work. Thank you, Starrcreative! So with a name like Starrcreative, of course I dropped by her blog. And WOW!!! What a find! She does lots of creative DIY projects of all kinds, but my favorite of her blog posts … Continue reading Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing white jeans and a short-sleeved peace-sign shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Caption reads, "Chelly Wood dot com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Sew clothes for #TallBarbie w/free pattern @ #Christmas #GiftIdeas

I designed the outfits in this post for fashion dolls with particularly long inseams, like my Fashionista Tall Barbie™. The shirt pattern includes a long-sleeved version, which is shown below: Oddly enough, the pants pattern is printed on the same page as my ironing board pattern. So below, I’m giving you links to the shirt pattern, the pants pattern, the ironing board pattern, and tutorials … Continue reading Sew clothes for #TallBarbie w/free pattern @ #Christmas #GiftIdeas

Image of ball jointed doll with handmade ironing board and cast iron flatiron. Overlay says, "Make an adjustable ironing board" implying the tutorial will show you how to make a doll-sized ironing board.

#Dolls ironing board makes a great #christmas #gift (free pattern @

Today I’m going to give you my free sewing pattern and tutorial for making this adorable ironing board. It’s about the right size for Barbie™, Monster High™, Ever After High™, Lammily™ and similar fashion dolls. To save space, I added a jeans pattern to the ironing board pattern. If you’d also like to sew jeans to fit your Tall Barbie™ (and if you’d like to … Continue reading #Dolls ironing board makes a great #christmas #gift (free pattern @

Image of a clapboard like one uses in a Hollywood movie. It says "Production: Romeo and Juliet, Director: Chelly Wood, Camera: Reginald Stetson, Date: 2/27/16, Scene: Act 4, Scene 3, Take 2"

#Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!

We’re on the set of Romeo and Juliet today, watching the filming of Act 4, Scene 3 from behind the scenes. Check out that little clapboard I made from iClipart! (I just shrunk it down and printed it on cardstock paper, using two brads and an extra piece of black scrapbook paper for a hinge.) The doll who’s working the clapboard is my Traveler doll … Continue reading #Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!

Visit for lots of great ideas and tips for making fantastic and believable miniature props for your doll dioramas. Image shows two dolls from the stop-motion video, Romeo and Juliet. Between the two dolls are a number of hand-made miniatures, including tiny candles, little logs for a fireplace, Mardi Gras masks, and realistic-looking doll-sized books. Overlay says, "Doll Diorama Ideas" and offers the watermark,

Consider these #Doll #diorama ideas for your next doll #photography project

I’ve posted lots of doll diorama idea tutorials before, but today’s new video, titled simply, “Doll Diorama Ideas,” gives credit where credit is due. When you see the video, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you enjoy this video and would like to see more doll diorama idea videos, please leave a comment below, but also, take a look at all the great videos … Continue reading Consider these #Doll #diorama ideas for your next doll #photography project

Image of 1:6 scale doll armoire/cabinet filled with tiny miniatures. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Armoire Repaint".

#FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Some of you will recognize this cute little armoire. It’s featured in a lot of my sewing videos–especially the ones where the doll does the sewing, stop-motion-style.   Those of you who know me best are aware that I earn my living as a school librarian. Contrary to popular belief, librarians don’t earn a ton of money; so how can I afford to buy all … Continue reading #FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Image of fashion doll seated at a re-painted desk with miniature lamp, sewing machine, pin cushion, sewing basket, and tiny buttons. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Diorama Tips and Tricks".

Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram

I first posted this “Diorama Tips and Tricks” video here, on, about a year ago, so even though it says I’m going to show tutorials on how to make the office chair and other items later this week, that’s old news. If you want to see how to make the office chair (or the desk or any of the other items mentioned in this … Continue reading Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram

Image of tall Barbie wearing handmade jeans on a pattern for sewing a pair of these jeans. Overlaying words say "Jeans and adjustable ironing board patterns" and smaller words say "The jeans will fit Tall Barbie TM and other fashion dolls with 15 cm inseams. Image includes ironing board pattern and is stamped with on all patterns

#TallBarbie free jeans pattern is #3 on my top free #sewing patterns list

This is my “Tall Doll Jeans and Ironing Board” pattern for fashion dolls, and it’s #3 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” Of course the jeans will easily fit Tall Barbie® and similar-sized dolls with a 15 cm inseam (like some BJD’s and possibly the Fashion Royalty® dolls–take a measurement to make sure). But the little surprise nugget in this … Continue reading #TallBarbie free jeans pattern is #3 on my top free #sewing patterns list

The image shows a hand-made ironing board with cover. The website where you can find the patterns for both the ironing board and it's cover is displayed: This ironing board is made to fit 1:6 scale dioramas or dollhouses.

#DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

Yesterday’s post offered the pattern mentioned in this tutorial, and now, here’s the tutorial itself, showing you how to build a cute little adjustable ironing board for your doll’s dollhouse. Please note that this ironing board can be a little unstable (due to its adjustable nature) without the use of Glue Dots to hold it to the floor of the dollhouse. But as you can see, … Continue reading #DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @