Let’s make an ironing-board cover for a kids’-sized toy ironing board! #kids #crafts

Most children like to play in imitation of their parents’ chores. That’s why a number of toy companies have made children’s toy laundry room furnishings, like a toy washer, dryer, laundry basket, and yes, even toy irons and ironing boards.

Today’s tutorial shows you how to make an ironing board cover for a child’s toy ironing board. But be advised: children should be supervised when they’re in the area where you use a hot iron. You don’t want them to get hurt or burned by accident.

Just to remind you, I also posted a tutorial yesterday on how to make a 1:6 scale miniature ironing board, and with that tutorial, I also posted a pattern for the 1:6 scale ironing board cover. Click here to go back to yesterday’s tutorial and patterns.

Also, Monday’s post, which was about taking care of your handmade doll clothes, included a list of small irons that could be used for ironing doll clothes. They do get hot, though, so again, please don’t leave your children unsupervised in the vicinity of a hot iron.

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