On a purple cotton fabric with tiny white polka dots (the backdrop color) we see an orange cat wearing spectacles, seated at a sewing machine. Pink fabric is in the machine, and the cat's facial expression clearly shows her frustration, even though she carries her white-tipped tail high as she sits at the sewing machine with grumpy whiskers.

There’s a CAT in my Sewing Room! #CharityProject #FeralCat

It has always been my goal to build a sustainable business income that will help me endure any hardships my family and I may face, once I retire from my day job as a school librarian (my retirement is scheduled for 2026 — three years away). However, as I said in my March 15th blog post, the income for this website actually dropped by about … Continue reading There’s a CAT in my Sewing Room! #CharityProject #FeralCat

In this image, the Chelly Wood doll (a spin master Liv doll in a grey wig) holds out her hand toward an open cardboard box. The words above the box say Fab Scrap unboxing and Swimsuit Fabric. Inside the box, we can see purple swimsuit fabric spilling over the edge of the box.

Fabric Scrap Haul from FabScrap, a fabric recycling center in New York #Sustainability #TextileWaste

Please consider sharing this video on social media, to help spread the word about FabScrap, and the good things they’re doing to help our planet. I’m not sure where I first heard about FabScrap. It could have been from my sister, who is super conscientious about being good to our beautiful planet earth. In any case, I wasn’t sure whether or not FabScrap would be … Continue reading Fabric Scrap Haul from FabScrap, a fabric recycling center in New York #Sustainability #TextileWaste

A turquoise blue cotton or linen fabric frames the words "charitable donation 2022: full disclosure" with an image of a gift box filled with money, bread, and clothing. The Chelly Wood dot com logo appears in the lower left corner.

Charity Work Annual Announcement @ ChellyWood.com #CharityWork #InternationalDayOfCharity

As my regular followers know, I’ve been donating 10% of my website’s annual funds to a charitable cause since 2016. This past year I was a little slow in announcing my donation, but I had a good reason, which I’m about to explain. Now as you know, this website is a dot com, not a dot org, and I actually like it that way. I … Continue reading Charity Work Annual Announcement @ ChellyWood.com #CharityWork #InternationalDayOfCharity