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Business Model Motto: Through the publication, distribution, and sales of Chelly’s books and creative projects, provides the world with a library of free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

What’s this? Chelly Wood has written a book? Can I buy it?

This image represents the cover art for the stop motion video entitled, "Classic Books for Kids: Romeo and Juliet Read by Librarian Chelly Wood". Please go to to view the stop motion video of Romeo and Juliet with dolls, produced by doll clothing designer Chelly Wood with her two daughters.

Not yet, but hang in there! Getting a book published takes time…

In my day job, I’m a school librarian, but in addition to running this website, I also write books and create doll clothes sewing videos.

Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes that will teach you how to design your own doll clothes. These classes will be available through C&T Publishing’s Creative Spark platform, starting in 2022.

If enough people take my classes through Creative Spark, the C&T Publishing company would like to publish my first crafting book, which has the “working title” of Easy Doll Clothes Design Techniques.

So please consider taking my “How to Design Doll Clothes” classes! Getting a book published would be a life-long dream come true for me!

Why I give my patterns away for free:

People online have asked me, “Why do you give away your doll clothes patterns? Why not sell them instead?”

I have several reasons for this.

First, when I die and meet my maker (hopefully quite some time from now), I want to leave behind a significant legacy: an online free-access library of doll clothes patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes, and knowledge of how to sew doll clothes that will inspire creativity in others for many generations to come.

Second, the ads on this website and my YouTube  channel help me raise a little money to keep the website running, but these funds are also used for my charity work. This website also uses affiliate marketing links to earn money to pay for the site’s general upkeep. To learn more about cookies used with affiliate marketing links on this site, please click here to read more about my privacy policy.

Third, sales of my books and my creative projects (see my TpT store and Etsy store) help provide me with enough money and free time to keep creating more resources for this website’s growing library of free patterns and tutorials.

And that’s why I give my doll clothes patterns away for free. By offering my patterns for free, people keep coming back to this website–and sending their friends and family to visit this website–which in turn, generates more funding for the charity work I do and the free patterns I make.

Annual report of charitable donations:

In 2020, earned $1280.00 from ads on this site and (less so) from ads on my YouTube channel. In April of 2021, I donated $128.00 to Family Promise of North Idaho. Full Disclosure: The Family Promise of North Idaho is managed by my sister-in-law, Cindy Wood. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I struggled to find a charity that was actively involved in helping kids and families (other than the local food bank, which I already donate to anyway), so I decided to donate to Family Promise. During the pandemic, my sister-in-law worked super hard trying to find safe habitations for the homeless families that are housed by this amazing program. It wasn’t easy because even churches were closed… So I decided her charity deserves the money this year, more than any other I can think of! Click here to learn how you can help Family Promise.

In 2019, earned $963.00 from advertisements on this site and my YouTube channel. At the end of the year, I had the pleasure of meeting Audrey Kissik, who helped install water filters at schools in Liberia, where clean drinking water is hard to come by. Her work inspired me! So in 2019, donated $97.00 to an organization called Clean Water for Liberia. Click on the link provided to read more about Audrey Kissik’s work providing clean drinking water to schools in Liberia, and to find out how you might contribute to this excellent cause.

In 2018, earned over $700.00 from its ads. I donated over $100 of our profits to purchasing books for the school library where I work. I also bought fabric for and sewed new aprons for the lunch staff at our school.

In 2017, I earned over $500 from ads on I donated $50 to the Victoria Foundation of Phoenix for college scholarships to needy students. Full Disclosure: my uncle, Pete Garcia, was the founder and CEO of the Victoria Foundation of Phoenix. He has since passed away.

In 2016, I earned $250 from ads, and that year I donated a new-used keyboard to a school music program.

I’d like to thank all of my followers for helping me spread the word about on social media, so that a.) I can continue to offer free patterns and b.) I can continue this charitable work.

My vision for the future of

More than anything, through this website, I want to make a positive difference in the world.

Sharing my passion and talent for sewing is one great way to do that. Writing books that inspire people to sew and design their own patterns is another. Helping to fund charitable programs is yet another.

And in the future, I’d like to do more to demonstrate my love of books to my followers. You may not be aware that I like to create stop-motion videos with literary themes.

I loved creating my stop motion video of Romeo and Juliet, and in the future, I plan to create additional stop motion videos of the classic works of literature from long ago. On the drawing board are stop-motion videos of Treasure Island with dolls, a stop motion version of Jane Eyre, and a stop-motion version of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.

If you subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or this website’s newsletters (just hit the “Sign Me Up!” button), you’ll hear about new stop motion video productions as they come out, along with new patterns that are released on this website.

I vow to share 10% of the profits of any book I write and publish with helpful charities, no matter what form my books may take, and I will continue to donate 10% of the proceeds from ads on this website and my YouTube channel to charities as well.

God willing, I will always find a good cause with which to share my financial and intellectual blessings.

Here’s what you can do to help:

With every pattern I post, you should see a “Creative Commons Attribution” mark. Please honor this mark by sharing my patterns and tutorial videos on the social media platform of your choice, to make sure this website continues to grow.

If you enjoyed viewing Romeo and Juliet, please share this video with your circle of friends and family. Let them know this video exists. I really want to build my collection of stop motion literary classics — I’d like to create a whole library of them — but I need your help to get the public to watch them!

As the the number of followers on my YouTube channel and website grows, so will the profits, and thus, I will continue to donate 10% of this website’s profits to charitable causes. Thank you, everyone, for your help in this endeavor.

If you would like to work with me collaboratively or interview me for a sewing podcast (or other media), you can find out more about how to contact me and my literary agent on the About the Designer page.

35 thoughts on “Chelly’s Books

  1. Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!! Really appreciate your doll patterns, videos, and time spent to upload and share this with everyone on the web.

  2. Wonderful! I love your generous spirit and hope you have success. It’s refreshing to find someone who wants to share unselfishly. Plan to print & sew for Lammily.

  3. I really appreciate your website and you offering your patterns for free. So cold out and wanted to stay in and found your website. My granddaughter needs Ken’s clothes! Thank you so very much and good luck with all that you are doing for others!

    1. We’re also experiencing the Snowpocalypse where I live, Laura. I’ve been staying indoors, sewing, and working on writing projects. Sometimes cold weather can be a good reason to have a little indoor fun!

      Glad you’re enjoying my patterns!

  4. Wow! I can’t believe I have finally found free for real free doll patterns. And it is 1 :30 am.
    I have been searching all day and even printed something out. After trying really hard with my 8 years old daughter, the dress won’t fit the dolly.
    But your is brilliant, free patterns and tutorials explained in easy steps. I can’t wait to tell my little girl when she wakes up.
    Your words are inspiring. When you will be meeting your maker, he will be delighted to meet you too.
    You are not just giving something for free but you are giving a start to little girls dreams who one day would love to share their dreams.Well donne for this!
    I wish you all the best and may you achieve the highest of heaven!

  5. Thank you for making Ken pat tern available for free. I have a granddaughter that really needs Ken clothes and I sew and it is cheaper than buy clothes for her barbie dolls.

  6. I really adore your site. I appreciate your videos and your free patterns and enjoy making them especially when you can sew most of them my hand. I keep you in my favorites. Thanks

  7. I only recently got into hand sewing doll clothes because I have several second hand dolls that are currently sitting nude and I can’t crochet with thread fast enough to make them all dresses! (Plus the patterns for dolls of their size are few and rather far between, especially if I’m looking for the free ones)
    It makes me sad to think that the Monster High and Ever After High dolls have gone the way of the dinosaur (more or less) so when I stumbled upon your site here, I thought “This can’t be true! All these gorgeous patterns, for free?”
    I’ve been attempting some patterns from MyFroggyStuff on YouTube and I’m quite happy with how they’ve turned out so far, but I wanted more! When I realized your website was completely free, I knew I had hit the jackpot!

    This whole website is absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for your generosity and wonderful patterns! I know I greatly appreciate all the work you’re doing! I’ve even given your Facebook page a like and intend to toss a follow onto your Pinterest page too, providing I don’t get lost there first HA!

    Thank you so much!
    ~ Laura <3

      1. Mostly the Monster High and Ever After High dolls. Although I’ve been collecting articulated Barbies and any other dolls that have articulated limbs 🙂

  8. Thank you for yourr very generous free patterns, I am on a very tight budget and want to make dolls house 24th scale clothes and they are very hard to find, so you smallest beauties have mad my day. I hope whilst I am looking I might find a few Ken costumes and I could start to cloth my hand made 3″ and 2.6″ dolls with maybe a few adjustments. So Thank you for your kind generisity and I will see you on facebook

  9. reached out on FB also but appreciate your willingness to share I sew for charity and support children living on Pine Ridge Reservation both in gifting at holidays and in the classrooms looking for the Barbie capri download Thx Elaine

    1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you on FB. Every time I check my Facebook page, my messages are maxed out! It’s easier to communicate with me through my website.

  10. Found you quite by chance, while looking for a Wellie Wishers doll. What a fabulous resource you have put together for dolly seamstresses of all levels of experience and ages. If you don’t mind, I would like to place a link to your website on my blog so my readers can find you.

    1. Please do! Every new visitor to this site is welcome!

      You’re welcome to download one of my patterns to display in one of your blog posts, if you’d like. I’m happy to share.

  11. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I enjoy making clothes for my grand daughter (and I) to dress up “her” Barbies. :-). Thank you for sharing your talents with me and others.


    1. Well thank you… And thanks for taking the time to leave a thoughtful comment. Blessings and good wishes to you and your family as well. 💛

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