This screenshot shows over 100 images of dolls modeling the handmade clothes designed by doll clothes designer Chelly Wood. The image includes pictures of doll shoes, historical costumes, modern-day casual clothes, elegant gowns, and more... The dolls wearing these handmade doll clothes range from the 18-inch American Girl dolls to the tiny Kelly Barbie dolls and every doll in-between. The blog post that accompanies this image offers an update on how Chelly Wood is making progress with her blog-reorganization program.

Over 200 #free #dollclothes #patterns to organize… “A Change Is Gonna Come!”

The image at the top of this blog post was created by taking a series of screenshots from my “Home” page gallery. now has too many images to fit in the gallery, which is why my blog has been under re-construction since November of 2018. It’s about to change in a BIG way, too, so I wanted to give my regular blog followers a … Continue reading Over 200 #free #dollclothes #patterns to organize… “A Change Is Gonna Come!”

This "gallery" style image shows Ken dolls wearing four different historical costumes. In the upper right corner, a Ken doll wears a regal Navy colored tunic with puff sleeves and trousers. He holds a sword. In the upper right corner, a Ken doll wears a medieval wig, a long-sleeve tunic, a gold-embellished vest, and bi-colored pants with felt boots. In the lower left corner, a Ken doll is dressed in a monk's hood and garb. In the lower right, a Ken doll wears a muffin cap, blousen shirt, vest, bi-colored pants, and he has greave-style sleeves that tie with ribbons. All of these patterns are free and printable at for anyone who has an inclination to sew these doll clothes. Each of Chelly Wood's free patterns comes with a tutorial showing you how to make it.

Free Historical Ken Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: Today’s blog post is part of the new 2019 website renovations. I’m working behind the scenes to make it easier to find the patterns you want. If you’d like to make one of the outfits shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the outfit you’d like to sew. This will take you to a larger image … Continue reading Free Historical Ken Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

Update on #Shakespeare’s #RomeoAndJuliet with #Dolls

As many of my regular followers know, I’ve created and published on my YouTube channel, the first three acts of Romeo and Juliet With Dolls. I have all the photos and stop motion videos completed for the production of Acts 4 and 5, but I’ve had a creative block for almost a year now. I guess I was hoping these videos would be received with … Continue reading Update on #Shakespeare’s #RomeoAndJuliet with #Dolls

#Sew a #3Musketeers outfit for #Dolls w/free patterns @

Sometimes I get carried away making doll clothes, and I forget to post links from my Gallery Page so you can find the patterns! I’m actually a little bit behind on that process, so I’m going to make a few posts this week and next that get my Gallery Page all caught up. Sorry for the repeats, for those of you who are regular followers. … Continue reading #Sew a #3Musketeers outfit for #Dolls w/free patterns @

Romeo and Juliet With #Dolls #StopMotion #Theater, Act 3

Things get heated up between the Capulets and the Montagues, in this, my third installment of Romeo and Juliet With Dolls. All of the dolls in this video are re-painted and all of them wear wigs, in true thespian style. But in spite of their theater makeup and disguising attire, can you name the dolls? Which doll is playing the part of Romeo? Who’s playing … Continue reading Romeo and Juliet With #Dolls #StopMotion #Theater, Act 3

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows two fashion dolls' hands nearly clasped. Overlay says "Romeo and Juliet Act 2" and offers the URL with an explanation, "FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for dolls of many shapes and sizes." This header is for the stop-motion video of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet performed by dolls--largely fashion dolls, including Mattel's Barbie, Momoko dolls, Lammily dolls, Monster High dolls, and World of Love dolls from Hasbro.

#FriYay! Romeo and Juliet With #Dolls! @

If you haven’t seen Act I yet, here’s a link to that video as well. I’ve finished filming all five acts of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet With Dolls. However placing them all into movie format is tricky stuff. It takes about twelve to fifteen hours to produce a single act. So be patient, my followers. More acts are coming! If you love my stop-motion videos, … Continue reading #FriYay! Romeo and Juliet With #Dolls! @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a YouTube video header that says "Romeo and Juliet "Act 1" with the URL subtly written below the marquee. There's also an image of a male doll in hand-made Renaissance clothing holding the delicate hand of a female doll in Renaissance clothing. This marquee is for a video that features dolls in a stop-motion version of Romeo and Juliet. has produced this film. The marquee indicates it's only Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet with dolls. Go to to view the stop-motion video with dolls.

#Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with #Dolls @

Here it is! The long-awaited stop-motion production of Romeo and Juliet “Act I” with dolls. This project has been underway for four years, and I’ve finally compiled enough photos and stop-motion clips to put it all together–all the way through Act V. I spent last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday working on film production. That’s where I add all the talk bubbles, music, sounds, and transitions. Since … Continue reading #Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with #Dolls @