The quickest way to contact me is through my “Submit a Question” form. You don’t have to ask questions; it’s okay to just email me that way.

I’m also available on the following social media platforms:

  • PinterestChelly Wood — Most of my boards offer free patterns for doll clothes and tutorials for my doll-related hobbies. I use this platform a lot!
  • YouTubeChelly Wood’s Channel — If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll get a notice whenever I create a new video.
  • Instagram: @ChellyWood1 — On Instagram, there’s a hashtag for #ChellyWoodPatterns and I mostly post pictures of my works in progress here and any pictures I take while traveling and sewing. When you finish making something using my patterns, feel free to post using the #ChellyWoodPatterns hashtag. Thanks for that hashtag, GingerBarbie64!
  • Twitter@ChellyWood1 — You can see all of my blog posts in brief on Twitter.
  • FacebookChellyWood — This is my personal page on Facebook. Through this account, I connect with other doll collecting groups and sewing blog groups.
  • Facebook Version of — This is just a FB “blog” site, where my blog posts from here become duplicated. In my humble opinion, it’s much easier to download my patterns here on instead, but hey… some people like Facebook. That’s fine.
  • Etsy: Chelly Wood — I do have an Etsy store account, although I don’t sell my creations as frequently as other sewing bloggers do. I also use Etsy to purchase things like tiny doll buttons and buckles.
  • NaNoWriMo: Chelly Wood — I’m mostly active on this website in November, which is National Novel Writers’ Month. If you also write sewing books or doll books and are looking for a critique buddy, feel free to contact me just before NaNo starts. I like to use CritiqueCircle for my editorial work and beta reading.
  • Google+: Chelly Wood — I don’t use my Google+ account much, but my patterns and blog posts appear in my Google+ account, so if you like Google+, you can use it to find my patterns and posts.

If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to contact me through my Submit a Question form. It goes directly to my email, and unless I’m out of town, I try to respond within one week’s time (and often much sooner).

I have a snail mail Post Office box where you can send me “fan mail” or thank you cards or fabric scraps or whatever you like:


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