Miniature Library Craft Project with Free Printable Book Dust Jacket @ #MiniatureLibrary #TinyBooks

Today’s tutorial shows you how to create a large collection of tiny books, for making a miniature library. I offer my suggestions for solving some of the problems I faced in creating my library, and there’s a free printable PDF of the paper dust jacket / flap jacket that I show in the video.

Scroll down to the bullets for the free PDF pattern of the little blue book’s dust jacket.

First, let’s talk about the shelves that I use in my video. I didn’t want to spend more time making the bookshelf than I did making the books, so I cheated… I went to a second hand store and bought a wooden silverware separator (the kind like you find in someone’s silverware drawer).

Once I turned this on its side, it had perfectly arranged bookshelves and one open slot that I considered using as a coat closet. But as you’ll see in the image below, I ended up placing a miniature bust of Shakespeare in there instead:

This photograph shows the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll that has been repainted and had its hair dyed grey to look like the real doll clothing designer and school librarian, Chelly Wood) holding up a tiny handmade miniature book. she wears a checked librarian's apron with large pockets. She holds up a tiny book and stands before an audience of very small, child-like dolls. Behind her is a librarian's circulation with piles of books on it. Farther back in the photograph is a wall-sized (in 1:6 scale) bookshelf with dozens of colorful books on the shelf. The bookshelf appears to end at a little nook, and in the nook stands a bust of William Shakespeare (also in 1:6 scale). The watermark on the photo reminds us that this picture comes from, which offers free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos showing how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

You can find wooden silverware separators on eBay at this link.

Now how did I find my little wooden shingles? I found them on eBay of course! Here’s a link, if you would like to buy some. Be sure to check the size, and it’s nice if they have one rounded side like mine did. But be careful it’s not semi-circular on one end! (That would look weird.)

If you happen to buy one of these eBay items for creating your library (using my links), I’ll get a small commission that helps me pay for the upkeep of this site and the cost of my video software. So that’s a good thing!

Okay, let’s talk about my tiny blue book’s PDF printable. I am offering it here today in multiple sizes, because as I said in my video, it took me FOREVER to get the size just right for my little wooden books. The size of your printable is going to depend upon the size and shape of your books (i.e. the shingles you purchase).

Once you figure out a size that works for yours, I recommend using a scanner to scan the size that works best for you. Then make a full sheet of these in the right size (or design your own in various colors with various cover art).

It’s also possible to just cut your flap jackets / dust jackets from scrapbook paper or even cloth, to create a perfect fit on the very first try.

Below, I’m also including a link to my page where you can download the free printable sewing pattern for my librarian’s apron and watch the tutorial for making the librarian’s apron.

Free Printables

Remember that it’s always friendly and kind to share my goodies on social media. (That’s how my website grows!) Feel free to pinlike, or tweet about my free patterns and tutorials. Here’s an image of today’s tutorial project that might be fun to share:

The image shows a human hand holding a pile of handmade miniature books. Most have painted covers, but the one on top has a paper dust jacket with cover art showing the Chelly Wood doll measuring two smaller dolls. The title of this tiny book with a paper dust jacket is "How to Measure Your Dolls" and it says it's "by Chelly Wood." Next to this image are the words "tiny books: free printables and tutorial" along with the logo. If you'd like to get to the page where you can download the free printable paper dust jackets for making these miniature books, please click on the link in the caption.
Click here for the tutorial and free printables for making miniature tiny books for your dolls’ library: (available after 6 May 2021)

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    1. Glad you like it. The printable comes in multiple sizes, so you can try it on different cardboard or wood shapes to see which one fits your diorama or doll’s scale.

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