Click on the blue hyperlink words below this image, if you'd like to watch the video tutorial that shows how to make a 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace. This project uses scrapbook paper with a "brick look," foam board, glue, hot glue, a picture frame, a cardboard box, markers, and a pencil to build the miniature fireplace.

How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

Today’s video tutorial shows you how to make your own dollhouse fireplace with a brick chimney and dais, a mantel, and wisps of fire in the hearth. I’m using primarily scrapbooking supplies for this DIY 1:6 scale diorama project. If you like making dollhouse miniatures, I actually have quite a few videos about building dollhouse miniatures for your dioramas. Click here to visit that gallery. … Continue reading How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

This image shows a variety of craft projects you can make at home by printing the free patterns and printables at and by following Chelly Wood's easy-to-follow tutorial videos. The images in this gallery screenshot include a hacky sack Minecraft cube, a paper puppet, a miniature Christmas stocking, a quilted Christmas tree ornament, a dragon pincushion, a plush bear toy, an Instagram-themed pillow, a windmill pincushion, and tea towels with personalized applique towel toppers.

Craft Project Ideas With Free Patterns (Gallery)

If you’d like to make one of the craft projects shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the project you’d like to make. This will take you to a larger image of the photo. Beneath the larger image is a link to a blog post for all the free  patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make that project. If … Continue reading Craft Project Ideas With Free Patterns (Gallery)

The image shows a paper doll or jointed puppet pattern for use with biographies in a school classroom. The image says "Biography 'Puppet' Pattern" and offers brief instructions. There's a watermark on the pattern offering the URL, and the pattern itself is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol.

#Biography puppet pattern and an ironic #BackToSchool #story

As most of you know, I design doll clothes patterns for fun, but in my day job, I work as a school librarian. It’s a little-known fact that I’ve also made paper doll patterns from time to time, like the one you see pictured above. (Scroll down for my free, printable paper doll “puppet” pattern.) The image shown above was a project I started working … Continue reading #Biography puppet pattern and an ironic #BackToSchool #story