The image is a cartoon drawing of a little girl sitting at a sewing machine, making doll clothes. Beside the sewing machine are two dolls: one is not wearing doll clothes and the other is fully dressed. The text on the image says "COPPA" which stands for the "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act." This image comes from, a website that offers free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Can doll crafting vlogs ride out the wave of change? #COPPA #crafting #Doll

Some of you who follow the wonderful doll-crafting YouTube channel, MyFroggyStuff, may have heard about the latest changes to YouTube for all of us who do toy-related things on the YouTube platform. Clearly this COPPA-related shift is going to affect a lot of fabulous YouTube creators with a pinch to their pocketbooks. If you’re not sure what COPPA is all about, you might want to … Continue reading Can doll crafting vlogs ride out the wave of change? #COPPA #crafting #Doll

This screenshot shows over 100 images of dolls modeling the handmade clothes designed by doll clothes designer Chelly Wood. The image includes pictures of doll shoes, historical costumes, modern-day casual clothes, elegant gowns, and more... The dolls wearing these handmade doll clothes range from the 18-inch American Girl dolls to the tiny Kelly Barbie dolls and every doll in-between. The blog post that accompanies this image offers an update on how Chelly Wood is making progress with her blog-reorganization program.

Over 200 #free #dollclothes #patterns to organize… “A Change Is Gonna Come!”

The image at the top of this blog post was created by taking a series of screenshots from my “Home” page gallery. now has too many images to fit in the gallery, which is why my blog has been under re-construction since November of 2018. It’s about to change in a BIG way, too, so I wanted to give my regular blog followers a … Continue reading Over 200 #free #dollclothes #patterns to organize… “A Change Is Gonna Come!”

The image shows five little girls seated under an antique sewing machine. Each girl is hand-stitching doll clothes, and they are chatting. The artist's style is reminiscent of the Victorian era, as is the sewing machine and the sewing table it sits on. The overlay says, "Share your creations!" and offers the url, where you can submit photos of your hand-made doll clothes and doll craft projects.

New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

Last weekend I launched a new feature, here on the opportunity to share your handmade doll clothes and doll crafts. I frequently get “fan mail” from followers who have made something lovely, using my patterns and /or tutorial videos. I’ve gotten so many of these emails and comments, that I decided it was time to create a gallery especially for you. Here’s a link … Continue reading New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

The image shows a swirling cluster of vines which are actually part of a wedding dress image from iClipart. At the bottom of the image is the website URL and company logo for, a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos that show you how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes including but not limited various sizes of Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, and more. The doll clothes patterns are free and printable, easy to find, and easy to sew even for beginners and children.

Let’s start the new year with advice for Chelly Wood… #survey #advice #2019

Last year at the start of the new year, I asked you which dolls you wanted me to design clothes for. This year, I’m leaving the creative canvas wide open with the following question: What do you want from in 2019? Yep, I’m taking suggestions! Please fill out the form below with your ideas about what this website could offer in the coming year. … Continue reading Let’s start the new year with advice for Chelly Wood… #survey #advice #2019

The image shows the OOAK Liv Doll "Chelly Wood" at her computer in her tiny dolly diorama office. Behind her is a painting of ballerinas by Degas. The overlay says, Fan Mail and offers the at symbol followed by the URL, a website where there are hundreds of free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is the YouTube header for what one might call "Barbie fan mail opening" or stop motion fan mail reading. It's a stop motion video of the Chelly Wood doll discussing her fan mail, reading it out loud, and showing a video of Barbie dolls modeling the hand-made dresses that one of Chelly Wood's fans created using Chelly Wood's own free doll clothes patterns (printable on the website).

Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

Even though I’m just a school librarian with a love for doll-clothes-pattern-making, I do get fan mail on this website or in my P.O. box every now and then. Sometimes people send me photos of the lovely doll clothes they’ve made, using my free patterns. At the top of this post, you’ll find a brief stop motion video showing the doll clothes made by one … Continue reading Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

The image shows Mattel's Best Fashion Friend Barbie doll (28-inch Barbies) holding up a sign that tells how a person could write to the doll clothes designer Chelly Wood. The overlay says, "Chelly Wood Fan Mail" and offers the URL

Contact information for Chelly Wood, the clothes #pattern designer for #dolls.

Would you like to send fan mail to Chelly Wood, the doll clothing designer for She now has a post office box, where you can send your cards and letters! With this blog post, I’d also like to spotlight an especially nice item I received in the mail from a fan of just recently. Have a look at the video to see the … Continue reading Contact information for Chelly Wood, the clothes #pattern designer for #dolls.