Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

This amazing lady, who goes by Starrcreative, left me a helpful comment here on about a video that wasn’t working and needed a little maintenance work. Thank you, Starrcreative! So with a name like Starrcreative, of course I dropped by her blog. And WOW!!! What a find! She does lots of creative DIY projects of all kinds, but my favorite of her blog posts … Continue reading Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

Image shows two fashion dolls dressed as Christmas elves. Overlay says, "What's going on at the North Pole?" and it offers the URL with the words "free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

What’s going on at the #NorthPole? Check out these little #dolls:

This is actually a re-post from last Christmas, but please be aware that the hats, elf shoes, and dresses that appear in the video above now have free patterns and tutorials available right here on! Look back at this post or this post for those free doll clothes patterns and tutorials. This time last year, I was just learning how to use my Camtasia … Continue reading What’s going on at the #NorthPole? Check out these little #dolls:

#Sew a Pinafore-style #Apron for Fashion #Dolls w/free pattern@

Isn’t that an adorable harvest scene? This “harvest dress and pinafore” was part of a little girl’s birthday gift that I made. The pinafore is actually a re-design of the reversible hairdresser’s apron pattern that I made and posted back in 2016. (Click here for a link to that project.) This week I’m going to focus on the pinafore, as it can be complicated if … Continue reading #Sew a Pinafore-style #Apron for Fashion #Dolls w/free pattern@

The image shows an American Girl doll, Kaya, wearing a hand-made swimsuit. She stands between two palm trees that seem to be made of wrapping paper cardboard tubes that have been decorated to look like palm trees. In front of the doll is a shimmering "sea" made of table cloth material. Behind her, another table cloth is decorated with quilt batting to look like clouds. The words overlaying this scene say, "Doll Beach" and the URL is offered, as a location where you can learn more about creating this and other dioramas for doll play videos.

Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, summer is coming to a close. But there’s no reason why you should say goodbye to the tropical weather… Let’s make a tropical island diorama for dolls, so we can keep those summery thoughts in our heads all winter long! Why not? Today’s tutorial video shows you how I made my tropical island diorama for my 18-inch … Continue reading Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Image of green face with large eyes and overlaid words say "My Froggy Stuff"

@FroggyStuff makes a #dolls #DIY #RoyalWedding dress! (posted w/permission @

Did you see the royal wedding? And did you love Meghan Markle’s dress? Oh my gosh! So elegant! This video (used with permission) was made by one of my favorite dolly DIY creators on YouTube: Froggy. Her video shows exactly how to make your own 1:6 scale wedding dress just like Meghan Markle’s. (Froggy’s video has tips for the diorama, bouquet, and veil too!) Now … Continue reading @FroggyStuff makes a #dolls #DIY #RoyalWedding dress! (posted w/permission @

Visit for free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Tall Barbie from Mattel's Fashionista line wearing a wedding dress that has been hand-made along with a DIY wedding bridal veil. She holds a bouquet of handmade silk ribbon flowers in miniature. The diorama she stands in includes the bust of a classical musician on a pedestal and a white pillar decorated with a leafy vine of tiny leaves trailing down to where Barbie stands with her elegant lace veil trailing behind her as a wedding train. The barbie doll smiles gracefully as if she's truly joyful about exchanging vows with Ken. To download the free patterns and view the tutorial videos for making a full ensemble of wedding clothing for barbie, Ken, and other dolls, visit and its affiliate youtube channel.

#Barbie #Wedding Dress free #Patterns @

The image above shows Tall Barbie wearing a wedding dress designed by Chelly Wood, which has been featured in our wedding ensemble production, here at However, there are a number of other long gowns designed by Chelly Wood, which would make wonderful wedding dresses as well. Please look back at Tuesday’s post to find wedding dress patterns that will fit regular and Curvy Barbie … Continue reading #Barbie #Wedding Dress free #Patterns @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making doll clothes and accessories for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Fashionista Tall Barbie carrying a hand-made bridal bouquet, made of silk offray ribbon roses and green twist tie wire. She wears a hand-made gown and veil. Overlay says, "Bridal Bouquet DIY" and offers the URL

#Barbie #dolls’ wedding bouquet #craft project @

It doesn’t take much at all to make a bridal bouquet for your Barbie wedding ensemble. These three ingredients are all you’ll need to make your doll a pretty bouquet to hold on her ever-important wedding day: Green twist tie wire Fabric or ribbon flowers Wire cutters And that’s all! Green twist tie wire is that stuff that people buy at Christmas time for tying … Continue reading #Barbie #dolls’ wedding bouquet #craft project @