Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows the fabric of a doll's skirt trimmed in blue ric rac, which gives it a jagged, scalloped edge. The overlay says, "Ric rac questions answered" and offers the website:

What is rickrack trim? And how do you use it? #dollclothes #sewingtutorials

  Today’s tutorial video shows you how to use rickrack trim, like the trim shown at the bottom of the Greenbrier doll’s dress below: Today’s tutorial video is actually a re-post, and in fact, I’m planning to take a little time off from these blog posts because it’s my birthday tomorrow. So I hope you don’t mind if I leave for a brief vacation. While I’m … Continue reading What is rickrack trim? And how do you use it? #dollclothes #sewingtutorials

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Tonner doll posting for a photo shoot with a Spin Master Liv Doll in the foreground taking her picture. Overlay says, "Doll Photo Tip #2: Avoid Antennas." URL is offered:

Doll #Photography Tip #2 @ Avoid #Doll Antennas

In my doll photo videos, you’ll notice that I mention my favorite photography book: Stunning Digital Photography, by Chelsea and Tony Northrup. Let me just say that Tony and Chelsea Northrup have been super helpful for me, as I attempt to master my DSLR Nikkon camera, and as I’ve slowly learned the skill of doll photography. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Tony and Chelsea! … Continue reading Doll #Photography Tip #2 @ Avoid #Doll Antennas

Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel

I am giving away this fashion doll ninja outfit to one winner! Want to win? Take a look at the pic, then scroll down for the contest instructions. If you’d like to see which fashion dolls fit in this outfit, you can view the promo video right here:   Like I did with previous sweepstakes giveaways, I’ll post patterns and tutorials for making this ninja outfit after the sweepstakes … Continue reading Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel

Image shows the cover of a middle-grade novel called "the Black Lotus: the Samurai Wars" by Kieran Fanning. Three teenage ninjas are pictured on the streets of a city with a sunset behind them. They cast shadows on the street where they stand. The ninja in the foreground holds a samurai sword.

#Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel

Every now and then, I have reviewed a sewing or craft book, here on, but this time I’m straying from my usual topic for a sweepstakes giveaway contest that I’ll be posting tomorrow at 5:00 AM, Mountain Standard Time (US). Those of you who know me personally are aware that I work as a middle school librarian in my day job. Very rarely do … Continue reading #Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel

@AveryLaneDesign’s Sew in Style is perfect for #Kids learning the #Craft of #Sewing

I’m actually acquainted with Erin Hentzel, the author of Avery Lane Design‘s book, Sew in Style. She’s a member of one of the doll clothes sewing groups that I belong to on Facebook. So when I heard about her book, I wanted to buy it and review it for my readers here on With its colorful illustrations and simple instructions, Sew in Style is ideal … Continue reading @AveryLaneDesign’s Sew in Style is perfect for #Kids learning the #Craft of #Sewing

Image of Barbie Dressed in Home-Made Musketeer Costume

#13 #Musketeer Hat Sewing Tutorial for #BarbieDolls @

For the holidays, here on, I’m doing a countdown to New Year’s eve. These are my top 15 videos from my YouTube channel! All of my free, printable sewing patterns are found on this page, and this video tutorial can give you a few tips and pointers about how to print my patterns. I use a 1/4-inch seam allowance (that’s standard for fashion dolls). But if you have … Continue reading #13 #Musketeer Hat Sewing Tutorial for #BarbieDolls @