In a turquoise blue linen square thumbnail frame, we read the words "Romeo and Juliet Act 4" above the Chelly Wood dot com logo. Beside this series of texts, we also see an image of a male and female doll, dressed in Renaissance or medieval doll clothes, and the two dolls are clearly holding hands.

Celebrating 10,000 followers on YouTube! Act 4 of “Romeo and Juliet with Dolls” has been posted! #Shakespeare #StopMotionVideos

  Can you believe it? I’ve reached 10K followers on YouTube! Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without everyone who shares my patterns and videos online… I know this isn’t just my own doing, but dedication from so many of you who’ve supported my website and channel over the years. So THANK YOU again — all of you! Now it must be said… If … Continue reading Celebrating 10,000 followers on YouTube! Act 4 of “Romeo and Juliet with Dolls” has been posted! #Shakespeare #StopMotionVideos

A purple cotton fabric frame (with tiny white polka dots) surrounds a photo of a Ken doll walking through what almost looks like white snow. He wears black felt boots, a pair of rust colored trousers, an off-white or ivory colored shirt with lace cuffs, and a long brown cloak. The words "free pattern" appear above and slightly at an angle to the photo. There's a logo in one corner.

Let’s sew a Renaissance cape for Ken dolls w/today’s FREE PDF sewing patterns @ #DollClothesPatterns #RenFaire

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns. Today I’m giving you the free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making a medieval or Renaissance cloak that will fit Mattel’s Ken dolls and many other dolls in this size range. My Texas A&M Ken wears this cloak in my stop motion video, Romeo and Juliet with Dolls, which is free … Continue reading Let’s sew a Renaissance cape for Ken dolls w/today’s FREE PDF sewing patterns @ #DollClothesPatterns #RenFaire

The image shows turquoise blue linen fabric in a square shape behind the words "free patterns" and the logo. Alongside these words is a photo of a Made to Move Barbie wearing a handmade ninja costume with mask. She carries a katana (a Japanese sword) with a sheath around her waist.

Barbie ninja costume w/stop motion video #Ninja #DollClothes

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. This week’s ninja costume goes way back, so some of my long-time followers will probably remember it. I created the tutorial videos while on vacation in Arizona, and you’ll see some of my video footage was taken while traveling. But in spite of the poor quality of the video, … Continue reading Barbie ninja costume w/stop motion video #Ninja #DollClothes

The image shows a Ken doll dressed as Romeo and a Momoko doll dressed as Juliet. The image has been altered using Paint2 style in Comic Life, to give it a soft, painted look to the photograph.

Which Romeo and Juliet do you like best? Please VOTE! #GraphicNovel #LiteraryClassics

As some of my regular followers already know, I’ve created three acts of Romeo and Juliet in stop motion, but the fourth and fifth acts have not yet been completed. (My shortened version didn’t do well on YouTube, so I removed it.) And many of you know that I’m both a school librarian and a writer. As such, I’m aware that schoolteachers all over the … Continue reading Which Romeo and Juliet do you like best? Please VOTE! #GraphicNovel #LiteraryClassics

This image shows a Mattel Curvy Barbie with a Mediterranean complexion walking in front of an ivy-covered building in the Montmartre area of Paris, France. The doll wears a pretty purple crop top and high-waisted shorts made of cotton floral print in a pretty lavender-and-purple shade. To download the free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making this outfit, please go to and click on the 11 inch doll clothes patterns page from the home page gallery. There are further instructions for downloading these free printable doll clothes patterns to fit Curvy Barbie and similar sized dolls on the home page at

Share your tips on doll photography at #Photography #Diorama

In the summer of 2014, I took a trip to Paris, and while I was there, I took hundreds of photos of dolls in various well-known locations. The photo at the top of this blog post was taken at Montmartre, a part of the city that inspired famous painters. You can find some of these lovely images right here on, but I also have … Continue reading Share your tips on doll photography at #Photography #Diorama

The image shows the OOAK Liv Doll "Chelly Wood" at her computer in her tiny dolly diorama office. Behind her is a painting of ballerinas by Degas. The overlay says, Fan Mail and offers the at symbol followed by the URL, a website where there are hundreds of free, printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This is the YouTube header for what one might call "Barbie fan mail opening" or stop motion fan mail reading. It's a stop motion video of the Chelly Wood doll discussing her fan mail, reading it out loud, and showing a video of Barbie dolls modeling the hand-made dresses that one of Chelly Wood's fans created using Chelly Wood's own free doll clothes patterns (printable on the website).

Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

Even though I’m just a school librarian with a love for doll-clothes-pattern-making, I do get fan mail on this website or in my P.O. box every now and then. Sometimes people send me photos of the lovely doll clothes they’ve made, using my free patterns. At the top of this post, you’ll find a brief stop motion video showing the doll clothes made by one … Continue reading Opening Fan Mail #StopMotion style @ #Dolls

The image shows an American Girl doll, Kaya, wearing a hand-made swimsuit. She stands between two palm trees that seem to be made of wrapping paper cardboard tubes that have been decorated to look like palm trees. In front of the doll is a shimmering "sea" made of table cloth material. Behind her, another table cloth is decorated with quilt batting to look like clouds. The words overlaying this scene say, "Doll Beach" and the URL is offered, as a location where you can learn more about creating this and other dioramas for doll play videos.

Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, summer is coming to a close. But there’s no reason why you should say goodbye to the tropical weather… Let’s make a tropical island diorama for dolls, so we can keep those summery thoughts in our heads all winter long! Why not? Today’s tutorial video shows you how I made my tropical island diorama for my 18-inch … Continue reading Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns and tutorials. The image shows a Spin Master Liv doll fashion doll wearing an apron and standing beside her sewing machine. Beside her is a handmade doll dress on a 1:6 scale dress form mannequin and in the foreground, it says, "How to use a needle threader" with an arrow pointing to a cameo-style needle threader tool used by seamstresses and sewists. The URL provided on the image is

#Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!

Aleah, here’s the video I promised you! Sorry I’m posting this so late, everyone. It’s 8:30 PM where I live, and I’m just getting the video finalized and posted. (Normally I try to post in the morning so everyone can view my post during the day, but I’ve been very busy this summer.) Hopefully this tutorial will come in handy for those of you new … Continue reading #Dolls’ #sewing #tutorial: How to use a needle threader #dolling video!

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Tall Barbie wearing a bridal veil and one-shoulder-look wedding dress. She leans in until her head touches Ken's in a romantic pose. Ken wears hand-made clothes as well, including a felt jacket, cotton collared shirt, and a tie. They are dressed to the nines in wedding attire. They stand, pressing their heads together in a loving pose, and the overlay says, "Barbie plus Ken equals love" with a plus sign, an equals sign, and a heart emoji. The overlay also includes a website: (the website where you can download free patterns for sewing the entire wedding ensemble for Barbie and ken, including bridesmaids dresses and Ken's suit with dinner jacket (tux style).

#Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @

As you’ll see in this preview video, I’ve finally finished designing a dinner jacket for Ken that’s relatively easy to sew, fashionable in design, and actually fits the doll quite nicely. This has been a challenging endeavor, as dinner jackets can be quite difficult to make. The tricky part tends to be the lapels! But I’ve finally figured out how to simplify even the tricky … Continue reading #Barbie #WeddingDay #Dolls @

Visit for more doll play videos and for free printable sewing patterns and tutorials for making clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Mattel's Curvy Barbie and Mattels petite short barbie standing side by side. Behind them stands a grove of trees. The title of this youtube doll play video header is "Adventures in Paris" and it says this is Part 2. It also offers the URL which it says offers free printable sewing patterns and tutorials.

#Paris #Barbie exhibit featured in my #dolls video on Youtube

For those of you who don’t know, a “doll play video” is a video that tells a story from a doll’s point of view. This week I’m featuring Part 2 of “Adventures in Paris,” a doll play video I started after having visited the City of Lights, otherwise known as Paris, France. I found it ironic, while enjoying my one-time vacation in Paris, that near … Continue reading #Paris #Barbie exhibit featured in my #dolls video on Youtube