The image shows turquoise blue linen fabric in a square shape behind the words "free patterns" and the logo. Alongside these words is a photo of a Made to Move Barbie wearing a handmade ninja costume with mask. She carries a katana (a Japanese sword) with a sheath around her waist.

Barbie ninja costume w/stop motion video #Ninja #DollClothes

For your free patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. This week’s ninja costume goes way back, so some of my long-time followers will probably remember it. I created the tutorial videos while on vacation in Arizona, and you’ll see some of my video footage was taken while traveling. But in spite of the poor quality of the video, … Continue reading Barbie ninja costume w/stop motion video #Ninja #DollClothes

Here we see the Breyer Rider called "Veterinarian Laura" riding "Snowball" in a winter scene. She holds a lead rope and her horse wears a tan bridle with a tan saddle. The overlay says, "DIY saddle and bridle" and reminds us that this image comes from Chelly Wood dot com (using the watermark image for that website).

Let’s make a saddle and halter for Breyer Horses! #ModelHorse #Crafts

Please scroll down to the bullets for links to the tutorial videos. Years ago, when my oldest daughter was in middle school, she loved Breyer model horses. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and enjoyed sewing for her Breyer Rider dolls, and she also made lovely blankets for her horses. But I had forgotten until recently that she also made some tutorials on how to … Continue reading Let’s make a saddle and halter for Breyer Horses! #ModelHorse #Crafts

The image shows a needle and thread hovering over a swatch of heart-shaped lace. The overlay says, "Sewing with lace" and this header leads to a tutorial video that explains the many types of lace and what they are used for when sewing doll clothes.

Sewing doll clothes with lace @ #Handmade #DollClothes

This week’s video is just an overview of lace. It demonstrates what different types of lace look like, how they are used, and offers advice on shopping for lace. Yesterday I gave you the free pattern for a pioneer dress trimmed in lace, and you’ll see that dress in today’s video. If you’re looking for a place to buy lace trim in miniature for your … Continue reading Sewing doll clothes with lace @ #Handmade #DollClothes

Free cosplay costume patterns for fashion dolls @ #Cosplay #DollClothes

For your free Halloween or cosplay costume patterns and tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. These patterns have been available on my website for quite some time now, but as my regular followers know, I’m converting all of my old JPG image patterns to PDFs for easy download. That’s why I’m re-posting these free fashion doll “cosplay” patterns today, just … Continue reading Free cosplay costume patterns for fashion dolls @ #Cosplay #DollClothes

The image shows a turquoise blue fabric square with the words "class announcement" superimposed on top of the fabric square. Inside the square is a photo of someone drafting a doll clothes pattern.

News: Class Announcement! #DollClothes #PatternDesign

So many of you have contributed to my ever-growing list of requests for doll clothes patterns, and I’m mentioning you in this announcement about the class I’ll be teaching with Creative Spark‘s online platform. We still don’t know how much the class will cost, but shorter classes tend to be less expensive than longer ones on the platform. So as I build my videos for … Continue reading News: Class Announcement! #DollClothes #PatternDesign

Image of "Sew-Easy Patterns by Advance" vintage Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Barbie doll clothes sewing pattern #2895 with the ChellyWood logo, surrounded by a variety of quilting fabrics in turquoise blue and purple.

Barbie gloves or mittens #VintageBarbie #DollClothes

Back in June, I did a review of this Mattel Advance Sew Easy pattern number 2895, with a focus on the wedding dress and veil. Today I’m going to look at the Barbie gloves. Every now and then, I’ve gotten requests in my in-box for designing Barbie gloves or mittens. I’d like to be able to tell you that this Mattel Advance doll clothes pattern … Continue reading Barbie gloves or mittens #VintageBarbie #DollClothes

At the top of this purple polka dot square image, it says, "Let's get crafty." Below these words, six boxes suggest the following topics: sewing tips, dioramas, miniatures, doll shoes, embroidery, and a final category called "and more."

Let’s Get Crafty! @ #FreePatterns and #CraftTutorials

Click on the links below to access the craft advice, free patterns, and crafty tutorial videos that interest you: Buyer’s Guide Chelly’s Class on Doll Clothes Pattern Design Techniques Dioramas and Miniatures Doll Play Videos Doll Sandals, Shoes, and Boots Fan Mail Holiday Crafts Links Measurements Paper Crafts Pillows Pincushions Plush Toys Selling Your Crafts Sewing Tips Vintage and Collectible Patterns Yarn and Embroidery Continue reading Let’s Get Crafty! @ #FreePatterns and #CraftTutorials

The image shows six of the tutorial videos featured on (although there are additional tutorial videos as well): the feather stitch, the whipped running stitch, the whip stitch, the couched filling stitch, the satin stitch, and the daisy stitch. Please visit for lots of great embroidery project ideas, tutorial videos, and free sewing patterns.

Embroidery Tutorials (Gallery)

My embroidery tutorials’ links from the main gallery page have been super wonky ever since I updated this website in 2019. I’ve been working to get the wrinkles worked out, and today I’m publishing an update to that gallery. If you need embroidery floss or miniature hoops, click on the links provided. These are affiliate links and help support our free pattern website. Thank you! Continue reading Embroidery Tutorials (Gallery)

This preview for a blog post about sewing basics shows a close-up of the Chelly Wood doll in her little blue apron. She stands beside her sewing room's dress form. The words in the overlay say, "Basic sewing tutorials."

Helpful Tutorial Videos for Sewing Basics #HowToSew #DollClothes

Overview: Today’s blog post is designed to give you all of my “sewing basics” tutorials in one location. That way, if you bookmark this blog post, you can swing back here, any time you need to review how to do a baste stitch or how to sew snaps on fabric, or any of my other “sewing basics” tutorial videos. By the way, many of these … Continue reading Helpful Tutorial Videos for Sewing Basics #HowToSew #DollClothes

The image shows a purple, white, and turquoise colored infographic with the title "Buyer's Gide" at the top, and the following elements listed within the text boxes of the infographic: buttons, snaps, ribbon, elastic, labels, zippers. The watermark says "ChellyWood" to remind you that you can get lots of doll clothes sewing advice and free patterns at

Buyer’s Guide for Sewing Doll Clothes #SewingTips

I’ve compiled a few questions I’ve been asked over the years, about where to buy fabric, notions, buckles, buttons, snaps, ribbon, elastic, and more. So today’s blog post will hopefully address answers to some of the more common questions I get in my inbox. This is just a list of where to buy and what to buy, but keep in mind that it’s always good … Continue reading Buyer’s Guide for Sewing Doll Clothes #SewingTips

The image shows a sewing machine that says "Let's learn" at its base, followed by the words, "how to pull elastic through a casing." The image a the right shows a woman's fingers holding a piece of elastic with a safety pin attached to one end. This image comes from

How to pull elastic through a waistband casing… #sewing #dollclothes

A lot of my free printable doll clothes patterns use an elastic waistband, which requires that you understand how to create a casing and how to pull elastic through that waistband’s casing. For your convenience, I’ve created a tutorial video showing you, one step and a time, how to sew a casing and how to pull elastic through the casing of a doll’s garment’s waistband. … Continue reading How to pull elastic through a waistband casing… #sewing #dollclothes

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll holding up a McCall's Crafts sewing pattern which displays the finished projects of a Barbie sized wedding dress, various pants and shirts, a cape, and evening gowns. The article that goes with this image offers advice for buying sewing patterns for making doll clothes, using the eBay auction platform. Please visit for additional sewing ideas plus free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes.

Tips for Buying Used Doll Clothes Patterns on eBay @ #AmSewing #DollClothes

  Have you ever purchased doll clothes sewing patterns on eBay? I have. In fact, the pattern pictured above was one I purchased about a year ago. Yes, the pattern you see in the image above is outdated, but there are some timeless patterns in this set, as well as out-of-style fashions. The wedding dress pattern can be used for a Disney princess character dress, … Continue reading Tips for Buying Used Doll Clothes Patterns on eBay @ #AmSewing #DollClothes