The image shows five little girls seated under an antique sewing machine. Each girl is hand-stitching doll clothes, and they are chatting. The artist's style is reminiscent of the Victorian era, as is the sewing machine and the sewing table it sits on. The overlay says, "Share your creations!" and offers the url, where you can submit photos of your hand-made doll clothes and doll craft projects.

New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

Last weekend I launched a new feature, here on the opportunity to share your handmade doll clothes and doll crafts. I frequently get “fan mail” from followers who have made something lovely, using my patterns and /or tutorial videos. I’ve gotten so many of these emails and comments, that I decided it was time to create a gallery especially for you. Here’s a link … Continue reading New feature on #share your #handmade #doll stuff!

The image shows a 28-inch Just Play Barbie wearing a hand-sewn sweater (jumper or pullover) that was made using a free printable sewing pattern from The overlay says "28 inch doll sweater / jumper" and offers the url

#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a sweater / jumper for 28″ #dolls!

This week you were given the FREE patterns for making my 28″ doll sweater (in the UK referred to as a jumper, pullover, or jersey). Here are the free, printable sewing patterns that I posted yesterday: Free printable sewing patterns for 28 inch doll shirt or sweater in PDF downloadable pattern format Free printable patterns for 28 inch Barbie in MS Word doc format for … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a sweater / jumper for 28″ #dolls!

The image shows an African American or African doll wearing her underpants and bra. All around her are images of outfits someone has made for her. She stands next to a tape measure.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: How to measure a doll for #sewing measurements

  Today’s #TapeMeasureTuesday tutorial video shows you how to measure your doll for sewing purposes, but just in case you didn’t get enough out of the video, here’s a breakdown for you: For the neck circumference, measure around the widest part of the doll’s neck. That’s usually at the base of the neck. For the neck-to-shoulder-seam, measure from the base of the neck (at the side of … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: How to measure a doll for #sewing measurements

The image shows a hand holding a strip of elastic, and at one end of the elastic, there's a safety pin attached through the elastic. Behind the hand is a swatch of colorful fabric on a wooden surface. The overlay says, "How to Pull Elastic," and the tutorial video demonstrates how to pull elastic through the waistband of a skirt or a pair of pants or a pair of shorts when sewing.

Doll sewing tips: how to pull elastic through a waistband casing… #sewing #dolls

This week I gave you the free, printable sewing pattern for my 18″ doll skirt, plus a free tutorial video showing you how to make the skirt. This skirt uses an elastic waistband, which requires that you understand how to create a casing and how to pull elastic through that waistband’s casing. For your convenience, I’ve created a tutorial video showing you, one step and … Continue reading Doll sewing tips: how to pull elastic through a waistband casing… #sewing #dolls

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pair of Colonial-style shoes made of felt. Each black shoe has a longer-than-usual tongue and a silver buckle. The doll wearing these shoes is a Liv doll from spin master, but you can't see the doll's body--only her feet wearing the handmade felt shoes. She appears to be standing on a sandy surface. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Buttons, Zippers, Snaps, and Buckles for Doll Clothes… Where to buy? #dolls #sewing

Today’s blog post will give you tips on where to buy the little accessories that turn a handmade item of doll clothes into something really special, like the buckles on my Colonial shoes, shown in the image above. Next week we’re going to sew the velvet top that goes with this week’s elastic-waist skirt for 18″ dolls. You may have noticed it on my dolls … Continue reading Buttons, Zippers, Snaps, and Buckles for Doll Clothes… Where to buy? #dolls #sewing

Image shows a pretty girl wearing a handmade polar fleece hat and scarf. Heading reads, "Fleece Scarf DIY" and offers the URL

#Scarf #DIY #Sewing Tutorial is SO Easy! @

When you view this DIY polar fleece scarf tutorial, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make! In fact, I’m giving this project one flower on my difficulty scale, because there really isn’t much that’s easier to sew than a scarf like this. I have posted this tutorial video before, but since Christmas is drawing near, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to re-post it. … Continue reading #Scarf #DIY #Sewing Tutorial is SO Easy! @

Image shows a pretty girl in a polar fleece hat with folded head band. The heading says, "winter hat DIY" and the overlay offers a website where the free patterns and tutorial for making this polar fleece hat can be found: The hat is in the style of a winter polar fleece beanie, tuque /touque or stocking cap.

#Grinch fleece hat #patterns are free @ for #sewing #Christmas gifts

Like the scarf project that I posted yesterday, this “Grinch” hat will make a wonderful Christmas gift, and it’s relatively quick to make. You will need to download these two patterns before you begin: Pattern 1 for making the polar fleece hat Pattern 2 for making the polar fleece hat Need help downloading my free, printable sewing patterns? Click here for an instructional tutorial on … Continue reading #Grinch fleece hat #patterns are free @ for #sewing #Christmas gifts