The image shows an 8" baby doll wearing a handmade doll dress designed with little holiday snowflakes. The overlay says, "8-inch Baby doll Dress" and offers the URL, where you can find the free patterns and easy-to-follow DIY tutorial videos showing how to sew this baby doll dress to fit 8-inch baby dolls like the one shown in the image (a bibi doll from the Lil cutesies collection made by JC toys).

8-inch Baby #Dolls’ Dress with FREE #Sewing #Patterns and #DIY Tutorial @

Below you’ll find a link to the FREE printable sewing pattern for making the 8″ baby doll dress shown in the pattern: Free printable sewing pattern for 8-inch baby doll dress I’ve designed this dress to fit the Lil’ Cutesies dolls from JC Toys, but it will likely fit other dolls in the 8″ size…