Visit for lots of great ideas and tips for making fantastic and believable miniature props for your doll dioramas. Image shows two dolls from the stop-motion video, Romeo and Juliet. Between the two dolls are a number of hand-made miniatures, including tiny candles, little logs for a fireplace, Mardi Gras masks, and realistic-looking doll-sized books. Overlay says, "Doll Diorama Ideas" and offers the watermark,

Consider these #Doll #diorama ideas for your next doll #photography project

I’ve posted lots of doll diorama idea tutorials before, but today’s new video, titled simply, “Doll Diorama Ideas,” gives credit where credit is due. When you see the video, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. If you enjoy this video and would like to see more doll diorama idea videos, please leave a comment below, but also, take a look at all the great videos … Continue reading Consider these #Doll #diorama ideas for your next doll #photography project

Image of 1:6 scale doll armoire/cabinet filled with tiny miniatures. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Armoire Repaint".

#FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Some of you will recognize this cute little armoire. It’s featured in a lot of my sewing videos–especially the ones where the doll does the sewing, stop-motion-style.   Those of you who know me best are aware that I earn my living as a school librarian. Contrary to popular belief, librarians don’t earn a ton of money; so how can I afford to buy all … Continue reading #FashionDoll Armoire: Where to Buy and How to Repaint @ #Doll #Barbie

Image of fashion doll seated at a re-painted desk with miniature lamp, sewing machine, pin cushion, sewing basket, and tiny buttons. Overlay says, "Fashion Doll Diorama Tips and Tricks".

Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram

I first posted this “Diorama Tips and Tricks” video here, on, about a year ago, so even though it says I’m going to show tutorials on how to make the office chair and other items later this week, that’s old news. If you want to see how to make the office chair (or the desk or any of the other items mentioned in this … Continue reading Fashion #Doll #Diorama Tips and Tricks @ #Dollstagram

Image of tall Barbie wearing handmade jeans on a pattern for sewing a pair of these jeans. Overlaying words say "Jeans and adjustable ironing board patterns" and smaller words say "The jeans will fit Tall Barbie TM and other fashion dolls with 15 cm inseams. Image includes ironing board pattern and is stamped with on all patterns

#TallBarbie free jeans pattern is #3 on my top free #sewing patterns list

This is my “Tall Doll Jeans and Ironing Board” pattern for fashion dolls, and it’s #3 on my list of the “Top 15 Downloaded Patterns from” Of course the jeans will easily fit Tall Barbie® and similar-sized dolls with a 15 cm inseam (like some BJD’s and possibly the Fashion Royalty® dolls–take a measurement to make sure). But the little surprise nugget in this … Continue reading #TallBarbie free jeans pattern is #3 on my top free #sewing patterns list

The image shows a hand-made ironing board with cover. The website where you can find the patterns for both the ironing board and it's cover is displayed: This ironing board is made to fit 1:6 scale dioramas or dollhouses.

#DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

Yesterday’s post offered the pattern mentioned in this tutorial, and now, here’s the tutorial itself, showing you how to build a cute little adjustable ironing board for your doll’s dollhouse. Please note that this ironing board can be a little unstable (due to its adjustable nature) without the use of Glue Dots to hold it to the floor of the dollhouse. But as you can see, … Continue reading #DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

Here we see a round doll table with narrow legs. Overlay says, "easy D.I.Y. dollhouse table."

#DIY table for fashion #dolls (tutorial @

This little round table is surprisingly easy to make, using a cream cheese container, some craft sticks, hot glue, and contact paper. This table appears in several scenes, in my dolly version of Romeo and Juliet (which is still in production). __________________ If you’re searching for a pattern for one of my doll clothes designs, please navigate over to the Gallery Page. That’s the easiest … Continue reading #DIY table for fashion #dolls (tutorial @

This photo shows two Renaissance style chairs made of cardboard. They have an oriental cotton fabric that creates a plush look to the back, arm rests, and seat of each chair. The seats have tassels hanging down. the back has embroidery floss fringe that hangs from the back to the seat. There are small iron or brass looking buttons on the back of the chair. The legs of the chairs make a sort of X like chromosomes, and they are decorated with fleur de lis patterns in black marker. The legs are layered in a row of four sections to keep the chairs standing upright under the weight of a seated doll (although no doll is shown). The two chairs are elegantly poised at a 45 degree angle to one another.

#DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @

This is actually one of the oldest patterns I created, back when I first turned into a blog about doll crafting. Because of that, you’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the video. It was an early attempt at self-made videos. (I’m a little embarrassed to post it!) However the video does explain the steps to making this Renaissance-style 1:6 scale chair quite … Continue reading #DIY cardboard #dolls’ furniture for your #DollHouse w/ free pattern @

Here we see a sewing room 1:6 scale diorama made for Barbie and similar sized dolls. It includes an ironing board, a sewing table, an office chair, a wardrobe or storage closet, miniature sewing tools, and a dress form mannequin for trying the handmade doll clothes on. The wall behind these objects appears to be brick, with tiny windows set in.

#Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @

  I’ve created a series of tutorials for making or re-designing the furniture you see in the image above. Wouldn’t you love to make a sewing room for your dolls? First, visit this page for the ironing board pattern and tutorial. It’s a separate posting. Once you’ve made an ironing board, then you’re ready to jump into the creation of the whole sewing room: Doll … Continue reading #Doll #SewingRoom #DIY Tutorials @

Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

You’ll have to forgive the quality of the video tutorial on this one, folks, as it was one of the earliest videos I made. It goes back a long way, but it is still one of my most popular videos on my YouTube channel, coming in at #9 among all of my doll clothes/ doll diorama DIY project tutorials. I actually have a whole series of … Continue reading Make a #DIY #dolls chair for your #BarbieFashionistas w/ free pattern @

Make an ironing board for your #dolling #dolls’ #dioramas w/ free pattern @

Today I’m going to give you my free sewing pattern and tutorial for making this adorable ironing board. It’s about the right size for Barbie™, Monster High™, Ever After High™, Lammily™ and similar fashion dolls. To save space, I added a jeans pattern to the ironing board pattern. If you’d also like to sew jeans to fit your Tall Barbie™ (and if you’d like to … Continue reading Make an ironing board for your #dolling #dolls’ #dioramas w/ free pattern @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Japanese Momoko doll sitting on a four-poster bed with velvety bed-curtains. Momoko Doll wears a blue and gold gown with Renaissance lace-up sleeves and a blue and white gauzy veil. Caption says, "Chelly Wood dot com for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

DIY #miniature 4-poster bed for your #dolls’ #diorama-free tutorial @

I’ve been posting free patterns for doll clothes for quite a while now, but let’s mix it up a bit for a change. How about we look at ways to spruce up our dolly dioramas? To make it extra fun, I’ll throw in the tutorial for the little table you see in the background (right-hand side of the image above): Here are those tutorials for … Continue reading DIY #miniature 4-poster bed for your #dolls’ #diorama-free tutorial @

Image shows Mattels Tall Barbie wearing white jeans and a short sleeved peace sign decorated cotton shirt in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Caption reads, "Chelly Wood dot com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Free printable doll clothes patterns for Tall Barbie Fashionista dolls @ #asTheDollEvolves #Paris

Want to see all my patterns for Tall Barbie? Click here for the gallery of free patterns for Tall Barbie. Hopefully my daughter and I have arrived safely in Paris, France, and like my Fashionista Tall Barbie™ (see image above), we’re enjoying sunny weather and some sight-seeing. So I thought it would be serendipitous to pre-post about this pattern, which is available for fashion dolls … Continue reading Free printable doll clothes patterns for Tall Barbie Fashionista dolls @ #asTheDollEvolves #Paris