Here we see a doll's matted, snarled hair flying wildly behind her head. The doll's face is obscured. The logo appears below the image and to the left.

Doll Hair Repair — Is it ever a hopeless endeavor?

I frequent second-hand stores when I feel like having a “fun day out,” and I like to look for used dolls that can be repaired and given a new wardrobe. But one of the most challenging problems with used dolls is matted up, tangled hair. I’ve had some amazing successes with dolls that had such horrendous hair problems, I honestly didn’t think I could do … Continue reading Doll Hair Repair — Is it ever a hopeless endeavor?

Announcing a pattern error! #EpicFail #DollClothesPatterns

Remember this costume? It was worn by Father Montague in my stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet with Dolls, on YouTube. Here’s the entire playlist for Romeo and Juliet with Dolls, just in case you haven’t seen this production, which was created by me and my two daughters, back when they lived at home:   This costume was also worn by The Prince in Romeo … Continue reading Announcing a pattern error! #EpicFail #DollClothesPatterns

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll that has been repainted to look like the real doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood) standing on the set of the Chelly Wood doll clothes sewing tutorial videos, with lights and the background of her stage. The text reads, "Chelly's Sewing Room" and "Behind the Scenes." There's a laugh-until-you-cry emoji over the image of the Chelly doll in her sewing room.

A look at my miniature doll sewing room “behind the scenes” (with bloopers) @ #BehindTheScenes #Miniatures

  Have you ever wondered how I made the tiny sewing room that appears at the start of my sewing tutorials? Today I’m going to show you how I made my original sewing room, some of the problems I’ve had with it, changes I’ve made to it, and a few tips/tricks for building your own dioramas. I threw in a quick look at bloopers and … Continue reading A look at my miniature doll sewing room “behind the scenes” (with bloopers) @ #BehindTheScenes #Miniatures

On a purple cotton fabric square background, the words "free pattern" are written above the logo. Beside these texts is a photo of a platinum blonde vintage Skipper doll from the 1980s modeling a short-skirted yellow sundress with straps. (Sometimes spelled sun dress.) To locate and print this doll dress for your vintage skipper dolls, go to Chelly Wood dot com. Other dresses and doll clothes patterns are available for free on this free doll clothes sewing pattern website as well.

Sew a pretty sun dress for vintage 1980’s Skipper dolls w/free sewing patterns @ #Easter #DollClothes

For your free patterns and additional tutorial videos, please scroll down to the second set of bullets. Yesterday I posted about my new-used “lucky find” at the Goodwill: a Judy Littlechap doll. Well another recent Goodwill discovery was this vintage Skipper from the 1980’s. However, she didn’t arrive in nearly as good of condition as Judy did. In fact, even after cleaning her up and … Continue reading Sew a pretty sun dress for vintage 1980’s Skipper dolls w/free sewing patterns @ #Easter #DollClothes

In this very close shot of Judy Littlechap's face, we see that she has light blue eyes, her eyebrows are in tact, and her lips are a deep grapefruit color. Her nose is sligly dirty, and there's a single spot of dirt on her left cheek, but her cheeks' blush is rosy and natural looking.

Meet Judy Littlechap — a rare find at Goodwill! #DollCollector #DollClothesPatterns

I had never heard of Judy Littlechap, when I stumbled across her at my local Goodwill (a second-hand store). She was nude in a plastic bag, marked $2.99, but the date on her backside said she was from 1963. At first I was hesitant to buy her. We’ve all seen a date on the behind of a doll and went “Ooh la-la, a vintage doll” … Continue reading Meet Judy Littlechap — a rare find at Goodwill! #DollCollector #DollClothesPatterns

A Judy Littlechap doll which wears a handmade swimsuit stands beside a vintage-looking sewing pattern for making a fashion doll's wardrobe. Either the doll is quite tall or the pattern is small because they are very out-of-proportion with one another. The frame is a quilt made of turquoise blue and purple fabrics. The logo appears alongside the photo of the doll with the sewing pattern for making doll clothes.

Plan a wardrobe for Judy Littlechap with me! @ #VintageToys #DollClothesPatterns

Meet Judy Littlechap! She’s a 13 inch doll, and I recently found her at my local Goodwill store. Back in January, someone named Christine C. asked me if I was planning to post any patterns for the new 13 inch “My First Barbie,” and I told her that I didn’t have any plans to that effect. And then I ran across Judy Littlechap, who will … Continue reading Plan a wardrobe for Judy Littlechap with me! @ #VintageToys #DollClothesPatterns

The image shows a floral frame around the words "Happy 2023" on a pastel background.

Submit Questions to Doll Play Video YouTube Channel “Unicorn Rainbows” #FunStuff #QandA

Disclaimer: the video above is not one of Chelly Wood’s videos, and Chelly is not affiliated with the Unicorn Rainbows Toys & Dolls YouTube channel. Recently the YouTubers at Unicorn Rainbows Toys and Dolls left a kind comment on one of my videos. Out of curiosity, I visited their YouTube channel and discovered all the amazing videos they are making. Go check out their YouTube … Continue reading Submit Questions to Doll Play Video YouTube Channel “Unicorn Rainbows” #FunStuff #QandA

Framed in purple, a brunette Barbie with Steffie face mold stares out of a photo at the camera past the words "who is this lovely lady?" and the logo for

Can you help identify this Barbie doll? #CollectibleToys #VintageDolls

Can you help me identify this Goodwill find? I recently discovered this lovely lady at my local Goodwill, for less than $3.00, and what a find! Her hind quarters indicated that she was a vintage Barbie doll, but her face doesn’t look that old. So I think we have a “mix-and-match” going on here. Sometimes a year will be printed on the back of the … Continue reading Can you help identify this Barbie doll? #CollectibleToys #VintageDolls

The image shows a Ken doll dressed as Romeo and a Momoko doll dressed as Juliet. The image has been altered using Paint2 style in Comic Life, to give it a soft, painted look to the photograph.

Which Romeo and Juliet do you like best? Please VOTE! #GraphicNovel #LiteraryClassics

As some of my regular followers already know, I’ve created three acts of Romeo and Juliet in stop motion, but the fourth and fifth acts have not yet been completed. (My shortened version didn’t do well on YouTube, so I removed it.) And many of you know that I’m both a school librarian and a writer. As such, I’m aware that schoolteachers all over the … Continue reading Which Romeo and Juliet do you like best? Please VOTE! #GraphicNovel #LiteraryClassics

This image shows a handmade apron for 11 to 12 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Liv Dolls, Queens of Africa and Poppy Parker. The apron has three front pockets, a ribbon that ties the apron in the back, and a snap closure at the neck of the apron. The fabric of the apron is a pink checkerboard while the pockets are a solid pink fabric. Visit for the free printable sewing pattern and tutorial video showing how to make this doll clothes sewing project using our free printable PDF sewing pattern.

This week’s sewing project: make a doll’s apron w/ pockets! #amsewing #dollcrafts

Those of you who are regular or ChellyWood1 followers are already familiar with the blue apron that the Chelly Wood doll wears in the opening and closing sequence of many of my doll clothes sewing videos. In that opening and closing sequence, the Chelly Wood doll wears a blue apron with yellow ribbons to tie it in back and at the neck. Well, guess … Continue reading This week’s sewing project: make a doll’s apron w/ pockets! #amsewing #dollcrafts

The image shows a vintage Tammy doll taking her pink poodle for a walk in Paris. She wears a handmade dress in pink, black, and white, and she has a little baret with a pom pom on her head. It's a cute little scene with Tammy doll looking very fresh-cheeked and adorable in the streets of Paris (with the Eiffel Tower behind her).

#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

Since I’ve been busy sewing for Tammy dolls lately, I wanted to see who sells quality outfits for Tammy dolls online. Lo and behold, I discovered Sherri, who (like me) sews and seems to design and/or alter a lot of her patterns for Tammy (see image above). She has the best Tammy doll board on Pinterest–the BEST! And her Francie board on Pinterest is WAY … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

The image shows a swirling cluster of vines which are actually part of a wedding dress image from iClipart. At the bottom of the image is the website URL and company logo for, a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos that show you how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes including but not limited various sizes of Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, and more. The doll clothes patterns are free and printable, easy to find, and easy to sew even for beginners and children.

#DollClothes #Sewing Pattern Blog Gets a #Holiday #MakeOver @

As most of my regular followers have already noticed, the face of my blog,, has changed. I’ve tried to update the blog to offer a more user-friendly approach for those of you who are using mobile devices. What motivated this change? At some point, I had uploaded well over 100 images with links to my free doll clothes patterns in the main Gallery Page, … Continue reading #DollClothes #Sewing Pattern Blog Gets a #Holiday #MakeOver @