The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll which has been re-designed as an OOAK doll to look like Chelly Wood the doll clothing designer, blogger, and YouTuber) and she is holding up a clipboard in 1:6 scale. The clipboard has a tiny piece of graph paper on it, with scribbled writing and check marks. The Liv doll wears handmade doll clothes including pants with an elastic waist, a long-sleeve shirt, and an apron. The doll's dyed-grey hair is held up in a bun with an octopus clip. Behind her is a purple backdrop with the logo hanging on it.

The results of the survey are in: MORE FREE PATTERNS! for #Sewing #DollClothes

Last month I did a survey, in which I asked my regular followers this simple question and got the following answers as a result: Question: What would you like me to post on Tuesdays? 26.92% = Just give us more patterns. That’s the best! 26.92% = Tell us which additional dolls can wear that week’s sewing project. 15.38% = Continue offering body measurements for dolls. … Continue reading The results of the survey are in: MORE FREE PATTERNS! for #Sewing #DollClothes

The image shows a framed announcement as follows: "Help me get my 'birthday wish' ... share a video!" with the words "birthday wish" in fabric banner letters shaped like hearts.

It’s my birthday! You can give me a present if you like… #birthday #freestuff

You know what my #1 birthday wish is? I want to publish a book that teaches my followers how to design their own doll clothes, using the three methods I use for my pattern designs. Want to help? Share a video from my youtube channel with someone you know — especially someone who might enjoy videos about sewing, crafts, embroidery, making doll clothes, or doll … Continue reading It’s my birthday! You can give me a present if you like… #birthday #freestuff

The image shows a swatch of purple and pink floral fabric that measures 10 3/4 inches by 10 3/4 inches, square. It rests atop a swatch of lavender-colored fabric of the same size. There are also two teeny-tiny buttons and five tiny snaps featured in the image. This image is a photo of the tiny swatches of fabric, the buttons, and the snaps that will be sent to the winner of a contest on

It’s a CONTEST! Win free #fabric, snaps, and buttons so you can sew clothes like my #dolls

It has been a while since I offered a contest on, but I thought it might be fun to see if you can guess which of my dolls can fit into these doll clothes: Soul (the African American doll) was part of a collection of vintage dolls called the World of Love dolls. If you’d like to learn more about the World of Love dolls … Continue reading It’s a CONTEST! Win free #fabric, snaps, and buttons so you can sew clothes like my #dolls

The image shows Mattel's Best Fashion Friend Barbie doll (28-inch Barbies) holding up a sign that tells how a person could write to the doll clothes designer Chelly Wood. The overlay says, "Chelly Wood Fan Mail" and offers the URL

Contact information for Chelly Wood, the clothes #pattern designer for #dolls.

Would you like to send fan mail to Chelly Wood, the doll clothing designer for She now has a post office box, where you can send your cards and letters! With this blog post, I’d also like to spotlight an especially nice item I received in the mail from a fan of just recently. Have a look at the video to see the … Continue reading Contact information for Chelly Wood, the clothes #pattern designer for #dolls.

Image shows a crochet hook and a ball of yarn with the words "free crochet doll clothes" and the URL (free doll clothes patterns and tutorials).

#FreebieFriday @ = #AmericanGirl #Dolls’ Outfit #Giveaway!

Hey everybody! My friend Norma, over at AllMyCrafts on YouTube is giving away one of her hand-made crochet American Girl doll outfits! All you have to do to win is subscribe to her awesome DIY crochet channel, then like her video on YouTube, and leave a comment on the video (the same video I’m showing you above, but you need to leave your comments on … Continue reading #FreebieFriday @ = #AmericanGirl #Dolls’ Outfit #Giveaway!

Image shows a pretty girl wearing a handmade polar fleece hat and scarf. Heading reads, "Fleece Scarf DIY" and offers the URL

#Scarf #DIY #Sewing Tutorial and Poll Results @

When you view this DIY polar fleece scarf tutorial, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make! In fact, I’m giving this project one flower on my difficulty scale, because there really isn’t much that’s easier to sew than a scarf like this. If you just popped in to see what is all about, you might want to look back at yesterday’s post; … Continue reading #Scarf #DIY #Sewing Tutorial and Poll Results @

Image shows a little doll seated at her sewing machine. Behind her is a doll-sized ironing board. Her tiny, pale blue coffee cup sits at the ready near her sewing machine. The overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Hey #Dollfriends! Which #Dolls do you #sew for?

My regular followers are aware that I’ve been setting goals for 2018 during the month of January. And I’ve been especially curious about who you are and what you want from my blog. I offered a poll on January 5th, and that first poll showed the following results: 32% of you want intermediate and beginner doll clothes patterns from 24% of you want doll crafts … Continue reading Hey #Dollfriends! Which #Dolls do you #sew for?

Image shows a doll with gray hair worn in a messy bun. She sits at a computer that reads "" on the screen.

Hey, #Dolls! I need your #crafty feedback at for #2018

  If you’re a regular visitor to, I’d like to know what content you find most interesting on my site. Should I offer more embroidery tutorials? More easy-sew tutorials? Do you feel like I have enough doll clothes patterns, but you’d like to see more doll clothes sewing tips? Do you just want your basic doll clothes patterns and never mind the fluff? Your … Continue reading Hey, #Dolls! I need your #crafty feedback at for #2018

Image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie (from Mattel) wearing a handmade ninja mask and hand-made ninja body suit. She holds a 1:6 scale samurai sword. The overlay reads, "We have a winner" and the watermark states the following website's URL:

#Ninja Costume Winner! #Dolls #Dollstagram

It’s time to announce the winner of my ninja costume sweepstakes contest! Congratulations, Tina! Of course I contacted Tina right away to let her know that she had won, and her ninja costume was sent in the mail on Saturday, March 25. For anyone who would like to make their own ninja costume, I do have a pattern and tutorials that will eventually be posted, … Continue reading #Ninja Costume Winner! #Dolls #Dollstagram

Image shows ninja body suit and ninja mask that have been handmade to fit an 11.5-inch fashion doll. Title says, "Ninja outfit sweepstakes!" Watermark says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Last day to win a #Ninja costume for #Barbie #Dolls @

Yes, today’s the last day to win my handmade ninja costume. You can watch a video of the costume in action right here, and if you haven’t signed up to win it, you can sign up right here. The contest ends at midnight tonight. __________________ If you’re searching for something different, have a look at the Gallery Page. That’s the easiest way to search through … Continue reading Last day to win a #Ninja costume for #Barbie #Dolls @

Image shows Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a handmade Ninja costume complete with body suit, mask, and black shoes. She's holding a packaged ninja-style sword. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes." Doll samurai sword fits 1:6 scale.

Where to buy a #Ninja sword in 1:6 scale for #dolls @ #NinjaSteel

As you may have noticed, the contest, which I posted yesterday, is for just the clothing pictured above. It doesn’t include the sword, which is crucial to the whole “Ninja Steel®” look and feel. So how do you get your own samurai sword in 1:6 scale? Simple: eBay or Amazon. As you can see, in the image at the top of the page, the sword … Continue reading Where to buy a #Ninja sword in 1:6 scale for #dolls @ #NinjaSteel

Here we see a Made to Move Barbie modeling a full body-suit Ninja costume with mask and sword. She's poised to attack with a red brick wall behind her, as if she has been cornered.

Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel

I am giving away this fashion doll ninja outfit to one winner! Want to win? Take a look at the pic, then scroll down for the contest instructions. If you’d like to see which fashion dolls fit in this outfit, you can view the promo video right here:   Like I did with previous sweepstakes giveaways, I’ll post patterns and tutorials for making this ninja outfit after the sweepstakes … Continue reading Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel