Here we see the Chelly Wood doll displaying three new computer buttons: a shopping button, a blog button, and a sewing basics button.

New additions to #Blogging #DollClothesPatterns

  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my home page has a few new additions. One day, on my Facebook page, I mentioned that I’d been doing blog posts on “How to Sew Doll Shirt Collars,” and someone said, “Wait, there’s a blog on your website? How do I get to that?” I guess she only accessed my website from her phone, and for … Continue reading New additions to #Blogging #DollClothesPatterns

A light blue square is framed by a white tape measure. Inside the frame, the words "Tape Measure Tuesday" are angled above the Chelly Wood dot com website logo. To the right of these, we see an articulated African American Texas A and M Ken doll back to back with a regular Ken doll with blond hair. Both Ken dolls wear handmade shorts with elastic waists.

Articulated Ken dolls vs. Regular Ken Dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

Articulation is a term that refers to the number of joints a doll or action figure has. In today’s Tape Measure Tuesday feature, I want to share with you the comparison between an articulated Ken doll and a regular Ken doll. Here on my website, I’ve grouped clothing patterns for both of these dolls together, and as you’ll see in their measurements, they’re not far … Continue reading Articulated Ken dolls vs. Regular Ken Dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

Image of a World of Love doll from Hasbro, Mattel's Skipper, and Momoko from PetWorks. Each doll stands in a handmade dress. Overlay says, "Chelly Wood Dot Com Free printable doll clothes patterns and tutorials."

#Momoko Doll Measurements: How does she compare with #Barbie? #DollPhotography

Now that I’ve posted some free patterns and tutorials for making Momoko™ some clothes, I’m starting to get questions about her. She’s not the same size as Barbie™, as you can see in the picture above. In fact, when I design doll clothes for Momoko™, I have to make the darts appear lower on the bodice because her chest is not as high as Barbie’s™. … Continue reading #Momoko Doll Measurements: How does she compare with #Barbie? #DollPhotography