It’s my birthday! You can give me a present if you like… #birthday #freestuff

The image shows a framed announcement as follows: "Help me get my 'birthday wish' ... share a video!" with the words "birthday wish" in fabric banner letters shaped like hearts.

You know what my #1 birthday wish is? I want to publish a book that teaches my followers how to design their own doll clothes, using the three methods I use for my pattern designs.

Want to help? Share a video from my youtube channel with someone you know — especially someone who might enjoy videos about sewing, crafts, embroidery, making doll clothes, or doll stories.

Publishers are more likely to offer me a book contract if my YouTube channel and/or website have LOTS of followers. Please help me get that book published by sharing my patterns and tutorial videos with anyone and everyone who might enjoy them.

That’s the best birthday present EVER!

I’m planning to take the rest of the week off to enjoy celebrating my birthday!

One thought on “It’s my birthday! You can give me a present if you like… #birthday #freestuff

  1. If I knew how and had the right equipment and or a good phone and could figure it out I would. But you know me. Not in to to much technology. Enjoy your day.

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