Image of "Sew-Easy Patterns by Advance" vintage Mattel, Inc. Toymakers Barbie doll clothes sewing pattern #2895 with the ChellyWood logo, surrounded by a variety of quilting fabrics in turquoise blue and purple.

Barbie gloves or mittens #VintageBarbie #DollClothes

Back in June, I did a review of this Mattel Advance Sew Easy pattern number 2895, with a focus on the wedding dress and veil. Today I’m going to look at the Barbie gloves. Every now and then, I’ve gotten requests in my in-box for designing Barbie gloves or mittens. I’d like to be able to tell you that this Mattel Advance doll clothes pattern … Continue reading Barbie gloves or mittens #VintageBarbie #DollClothes

A light blue square is framed by a white tape measure. Inside the frame, the words "Tape Measure Tuesday" are angled above the Chelly Wood dot com website logo. To the right of these, we see an articulated African American Texas A and M Ken doll back to back with a regular Ken doll with blond hair. Both Ken dolls wear handmade shorts with elastic waists.

Articulated Ken dolls vs. Regular Ken Dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

Articulation is a term that refers to the number of joints a doll or action figure has. In today’s Tape Measure Tuesday feature, I want to share with you the comparison between an articulated Ken doll and a regular Ken doll. Here on my website, I’ve grouped clothing patterns for both of these dolls together, and as you’ll see in their measurements, they’re not far … Continue reading Articulated Ken dolls vs. Regular Ken Dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

The image shows a purple, white, and turquoise colored infographic with the title "Buyer's Gide" at the top, and the following elements listed within the text boxes of the infographic: buttons, snaps, ribbon, elastic, labels, zippers. The watermark says "ChellyWood" to remind you that you can get lots of doll clothes sewing advice and free patterns at

Buyer’s Guide for Sewing Doll Clothes #SewingTips

I’ve compiled a few questions I’ve been asked over the years, about where to buy fabric, notions, buckles, buttons, snaps, ribbon, elastic, and more. So today’s blog post will hopefully address answers to some of the more common questions I get in my inbox. This is just a list of where to buy and what to buy, but keep in mind that it’s always good … Continue reading Buyer’s Guide for Sewing Doll Clothes #SewingTips

This photograph shows the Chelly Wood doll clothing designer doll measuring Skipper's arm with a tiny 1:6 scale tape measure. Skipper extends her arm while the Chelly Wood doll looks at the tape measure to determine how long Skipper's arm is from the underarm to the wrist. Skipper stands barefoot in a swimsuit beside Chelly Wood's tiny 1:6 scale sewing desk. On the desk, a Creatable World doll is seated, waiting her turn for measurements. The creatable World doll seems to be wearing a training bra and panties. Their legs are crossed so the CW doll leans back on the sewing table elegantly. Behind them is a dress form, ironing board, and a tiny window. There's also a miniature china hutch filled with fabric. This is clearly a teeny-tiny doll sewing room. All the dolls seem to be having fun as they prepare for a new wardrobe that fits both Skipper and the Creatable World doll. If you'd like to see the wardrobe of free printable sewing patterns that Chelly Wood has designed for either Skipper dolls or Creatable World dolls, please visit and click on the 10 inch doll size from the main Home page gallery.

Creatable World Doll Sewing Measurements (Comparing Them to Skipper) @ #CreatableWorld #TapeMeasureTuesday

Every now and then, someone will ask me which doll clothes patterns I recommend for the Creatable World dolls. As you’ll see in this #TapeMeasure Tuesday feature, their measurements are truly unique among dolls, but they most closely match Mattel’s Skipper dolls. So I recommend searching for modern Skipper patterns, if you’re sewing a wardrobe for Creatable World dolls. Vintage Skipper dolls have different measurements, … Continue reading Creatable World Doll Sewing Measurements (Comparing Them to Skipper) @ #CreatableWorld #TapeMeasureTuesday

The image shows an African American or African doll wearing her underpants and bra. All around her are images of outfits someone has made for her. She stands next to a tape measure.

How to measure a doll for sewing doll clothes #SewingLove #DollCrafts

  I recently had someone send me a message using my Contact Form, and she wasn’t sure how to best measure her doll for sewing purposes. So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to re-post this tutorial video and my written tips. For the neck circumference, measure around the widest part of the doll’s neck. That’s usually at the base of the neck. For the neck-to-shoulder-seam, measure from … Continue reading How to measure a doll for sewing doll clothes #SewingLove #DollCrafts

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll (a Spin Master Liv doll which has been re-designed as an OOAK doll to look like Chelly Wood the doll clothing designer, blogger, and YouTuber) and she is holding up a clipboard in 1:6 scale. The clipboard has a tiny piece of graph paper on it, with scribbled writing and check marks. The Liv doll wears handmade doll clothes including pants with an elastic waist, a long-sleeve shirt, and an apron. The doll's dyed-grey hair is held up in a bun with an octopus clip. Behind her is a purple backdrop with the logo hanging on it.

The results of the survey are in: MORE FREE PATTERNS! for #Sewing #DollClothes

Last month I did a survey, in which I asked my regular followers this simple question and got the following answers as a result: Question: What would you like me to post on Tuesdays? 26.92% = Just give us more patterns. That’s the best! 26.92% = Tell us which additional dolls can wear that week’s sewing project. 15.38% = Continue offering body measurements for dolls. … Continue reading The results of the survey are in: MORE FREE PATTERNS! for #Sewing #DollClothes

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll holding an envelope. Beside her is a sewing machine and behind her is a dess form modeling a handmade doll dress. The watermark says, "Chelly Wood dot com : free patterns and tutorials."

Fan Mail: What’s the measurement tool for on Chelly Wood’s patterns? #paperproducts and #crafting

Today I’m sharing an interesting question that I found among my fan mail recently. Marti asked, “What [is] the measurement tool… and how [do you use it]?” I live in Idaho, in the United States, and we use the old English (imperial) measurement system and Standard American printer paper. If you also live here in the US, then you may not realize that the whole … Continue reading Fan Mail: What’s the measurement tool for on Chelly Wood’s patterns? #paperproducts and #crafting

This image shows a Queens of Africa doll wearing a pretty handmade dress made of thin pink material decorated with polka dots and flowers on pink and white striped fabric. The dress has a short, straight skirt and a summery bodice with straps made of ribbon. The watermark says, " Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials." The Queens of Africa dolls have a body shape similar to a Barbie-sized doll. She stands 11 inches high and has dark chocolate complexion. Her hair is quite curly. To purchase a Queens of Africa doll, go to

Which dolls will this week’s free Valentine’s Day dress patterns fit? @ #dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

You might be wondering whether or not this week’s patterns will fit your fashion dolls. Take a look back at the original posting of these patterns to see additional dolls which can definitely fit into this week’s free patterns. But also, for your convenience, I’m posting measurements for my Queens of Africa doll, Azeezah, so you can be sure your dolls will truly be able … Continue reading Which dolls will this week’s free Valentine’s Day dress patterns fit? @ #dolls #TapeMeasureTuesday

The image shows the Chelly Wood character doll in her sewing room. She's kneeling down, looking at a tape measure. Beside her are two different Greenbrier dolls. One looks like a Strawberry Shortcake knockoff and the other looks like a Kelly doll knockoff. The two dolls appear to be waiting their turns for sewing measurements.

Does my 4 and 3/4-inch Greenbrier doll match a 4-inch or 5-inch doll of yours? #TapeMeasureTuesday #dolls

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Please note that the 4.75 inch (blond and pink-haired) Greenbrier doll that appears in this post has recently been discovered to contain harmful chemicals! Visit this website to learn more or go to the website for more detailed information on toy recalls. This week we’re making a teeny-tiny easy-to-sew felt-and-cotton dress for 4-inch or 5-inch dolls. My Greenbrier doll which … Continue reading Does my 4 and 3/4-inch Greenbrier doll match a 4-inch or 5-inch doll of yours? #TapeMeasureTuesday #dolls

Visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes that fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. This image is used in a blog post that answers the question, "What is a seam allowance used for?" The image shows the seam at the shoulder of a doll's shirt from the underside of the garment.

Sewing Tip Tuesday: What is a seam allowance used for? #DollBlogger @ChellyWood1 @

A seam allowance is a bit of extra room that’s given along the edge of a pattern, to allow for the sewist to include seams in a garment and still have it fit the doll properly. Think of it like this… When you’re driving a car, there’s a curb (spelled kerb in some countries) that gives you a little extra sway room at the sides … Continue reading Sewing Tip Tuesday: What is a seam allowance used for? #DollBlogger @ChellyWood1 @

The image shows a 1:6 scale sash worn by an Ever After High doll (same size as a Monster High doll), and the sash has the following words embroidered on it: "Votes for Women." The overlay says, "DIY 1:6 scale suffrage sash" and the image also offers the URL of the website where you can find this easy-to-sew project for kids or grown-ups to make: (creative commons attribution mark is shown as well, which means you must tell people where you found this video tutorial).

In 2020 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the USA #suffrage #votes4women #embroidery

Today’s video tutorial will show you how to make a “Votes for Women” sash for your 1:6 scale dolls. The following additional tutorials will likely help you with this sewing and embroidery project: Couching stitch (embroidery) How to attach bias tape Whipstitch Backstitch How to sew snaps on fabric If you’re looking for a fun project that teaches a child or a beginning sewist how … Continue reading In 2020 we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in the USA #suffrage #votes4women #embroidery

This picture shows the 6-inch American Girl doll standing next to an "Alanna / Alana" doll from the Dora and Friends doll collection. The photograph accompanies a page which offers measurements for both the American Girl 6" doll and the 8" Dora the Explorer doll. These measurements are used for sewing purposes.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: Dora the Explorer #dolls can wear 6-inch American Girl Doll Clothes!

In May and June, I gave you some free printable sewing patterns to fit the 6-inch American Girl Mini dolls. Well guess what… these patterns also fit the 8″ Dora the Explorer dolls! These images show my Dora and Friends “Alana” doll wearing an outfit I designed to fit 6″ American Girl dolls. She looks fantastic in this outfit! For your convenience, here are the … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: Dora the Explorer #dolls can wear 6-inch American Girl Doll Clothes!