The image shows a printable sewing pattern for a doll purse. This FREE printable purse pattern is for Wellie Wishers, Crissy dolls, Hearts for Hearts Girls, 17 inch Barbie, and BFC Ink dolls. On the website,, you can print this pattern as a downloadable PDF pattern or MS Word document. offers free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#PDFpattern Wednesday: #Sew a #Purse for your 13-inch to 17-inch #dolls!

This week’s pattern is for a purse that will look great on 13-inch to 17-inch dolls, like Wellie Wishers, Hearts4Hearts Girls, BFC Ink dolls, Crissy dolls, and others in this general size range. Here are the free patterns for making this purse, in both a MS Word format and a PDF download: Free, printable sewing pattern for doll purse (PDF Format) Free, printable sewing pattern … Continue reading #PDFpattern Wednesday: #Sew a #Purse for your 13-inch to 17-inch #dolls!

The image shows a 28 inch Best Fashion Friend Barbie standing next to a Crissy doll (made by Ideal Toy Corporation). They stand next to a measurement tool. The two dolls wear handmade doll clothes which use patterns from (a website for free printable doll clothes patterns). This image accompanies a blog post about the sewing measurements for Crissy dolls.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: What #doll clothes can Crissy #dolls wear, and what are her measurements?

My Crissy doll is wearing the same pleated argyle skirt that my 28-inch Barbie wore in yesterday’s blog post. So it’s safe to say that Crissy can wear the skirt we’re sewing on this week. Of course it fits Crissy as more of a mid-knee-length skirt than a mini-skirt; whereas it clearly fit my Best Fashion Friend 28 inch Barbie as more of a … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: What #doll clothes can Crissy #dolls wear, and what are her measurements?

Free printable sewing patterns for 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch dolls @

While working on last week’s doll clothes posts, I realized I’d forgotten to post a link for these outfits (which I posted back in August) from the Gallery Page. So today’s post may seem like a re-post, but actually, I’m updating links for my Gallery Page with this post. Do you want to make the felt top? Download and print the pattern using one of … Continue reading Free printable sewing patterns for 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch dolls @

The image shows an American Girl doll, Kaya, wearing a hand-made swimsuit. She stands between two palm trees that seem to be made of wrapping paper cardboard tubes that have been decorated to look like palm trees. In front of the doll is a shimmering "sea" made of table cloth material. Behind her, another table cloth is decorated with quilt batting to look like clouds. The words overlaying this scene say, "Doll Beach" and the URL is offered, as a location where you can learn more about creating this and other dioramas for doll play videos.

Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, summer is coming to a close. But there’s no reason why you should say goodbye to the tropical weather… Let’s make a tropical island diorama for dolls, so we can keep those summery thoughts in our heads all winter long! Why not? Today’s tutorial video shows you how I made my tropical island diorama for my 18-inch … Continue reading Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

This image shows the cover page for a YouTube tutorial that demonstrates how to sew a pair of shorts to fit most 18-inch or 46 cm dolls, like American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, vintage Crissy dolls, Journey Girls, and a number of other 18-inch or 46 centimeter dolls. The image shows the doll's hip area. She wears a pair of hand-made shorts with a nautical print theme that is dotted with images of anchors and sailboats and tiny red fish. The headline reads simply, "Doll shorts" and offers the URL, which is where you can find the free printable sewing pattern for making these doll shorts.

#Sew shorts for your 18-inch #dolls w/this free #sewing pattern

Monday I posted a preview, showing images of three different dolls who can fit into my free nautical shorts patterns for 18-inch dolls. Tuesday I posted the free printable sewing pattern for making the shorts that fit 18″ dolls. Today I’m sharing the video tutorial I’ve made, to help guide you as you sew the shorts for your 18 inch dolls. Just to make sure … Continue reading #Sew shorts for your 18-inch #dolls w/this free #sewing pattern

The image shows a free pattern for a pair of doll shorts. The title on the shorts pattern says, "Free 18-inch dolls' Shorts Pattern" and it offers instructions for how to print the pattern, what seam allowances to use, and where to hem the garment. The header that accompanies this doll shorts pattern offers the dolls that can easily fit into this shorts pattern, stating, "Free Printable Shorts Pattern for 18-inch Dolls Like American Girl Doll, Vintage Crissy Dolls, and 18" Madame Alexander Dolls." These three dolls are pictured wearing the hand-made shorts, which use a pattern showing tiny nautical prints of anchors and little sailboats. The watermark on this free printable doll shorts pattern says, " free patterns and tutorials." the pattern also displays the "Creative commons attribution" symbol, meaning that anyone is allowed to use this pattern for their own creative projects, but they must also mention that they got the pattern here, on

Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

This week I’m going to show you how to sew my “Nautical Shorts,” which as we saw in yesterday’s preview post, will fit most 18-inch dolls, including American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and even the Vintage Crissy doll that I displayed in yesterday’s post. At the top of this post, you will find my free, printable sewing pattern, but it’s a little easier to … Continue reading Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

This image shows a Kaya doll from American Girl doll company wearing handmade shorts and an easy-to-sew sleeveless shirt. She appears to be playing on a sandy beach, with splashing water around her feet. Her home-made flip-flops look like they're floating on the water. The watermark on this image says, " free printable patterns and tutorials."

#Sew shorts for 18-inch dolls with’s free #sewing #patterns!

Last week and the week before, we learned to make the swimsuit that my 18-inch Madame Alexander doll is wearing in the photo above.¬† This week we’re going to make the nautical-style shorts that my Kaya doll (from American Girl) is modeling for us in these photos. Of course, if the shorts fit AG dolls, they’ll probably fit my 18 inch¬†Madame Alexander doll too, right? … Continue reading #Sew shorts for 18-inch dolls with’s free #sewing #patterns!