This image is a screenshot of the YouTube channel header for The Crafty Gemini, which can be found at:

#FridayFollow: #Teaching #kids to #sew with @CraftyGemini

Here on, I often get questions about teaching kids to sew. I do have a playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to this topic, but I mostly sew by hand and my videos are primarily about sewing doll clothes. So what if you want to teach your child to use a sewing machine? What if you want to teach him/her to sew something other … Continue reading #FridayFollow: #Teaching #kids to #sew with @CraftyGemini

The image shows a Kit Kittredge 6 inch American Girl doll (AG dolls) wearing a handmade T-shirt. The overlay says 6" doll t-shirt and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns to fit the 6-inch AG doll and many other dols of different shapes and sizes. This image is a youtube video header, and in the video, Chelly Wood shows you how to hand-stitch this tiny tee shirt for little American Girl Mini dolls.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!

Today’s video shows us how to hand-stitch a T-shirt for the teeny-tiny 6.5-inch American Girl dolls (Minis). What’s that you say? You didn’t know American Girl made a Mini? Why, yes they do! Here’s a link to the American Girl official website, where you can buy these adorable little dolls. Click here if you just want to see their line of Minis. The free pattern … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!

This image shows a visual preview of the free printable pdf pattern downloadable link that's on the same page. In the preview, we see four images of a tiny 6 inch American girl doll wearing variations of outfits that were made using this pattern. One outfit includes a T-shirt that appears to be screen printed with the words "All Star" and this shirt matches the girl-power printed fabric of the shorts the doll wears. There's also an image of the same tee shirt in navy blue solid fabric with a pair of elastic-waist underpants made of the same fabric. The doll models a tee shirt and shorts made of pink jersey fabric as well, and in a fourth image, she wears the tee shirt with a skirt. Each of these 6 inch doll clothes items has a sewing pattern that's visible in the preview image: a pattern for a skirt for 6" American Girl dolls; a pattern for a T-shirt to fit the 6-inch American Girl dolls; a pattern for shorts to fit the 6 inch AG dolls, and two patterns in the shapes of underpants / knickers that six inch American Girl dolls (AG dolls) can wear. All of these are free printable sewing patterns that you can use, marked with the Creative Commons Attribution mark, with an easy PDF download at

#PDFpattern Wednesday: T-shirt for the 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl and similar-sized #dolls

Yes, this is the same pattern we saw last week, but I thought it would be a good idea to re-post it this week, just in case you missed last week’s series of posts for making the underpants. So without further ado, here’s the easy-to-download free pattern: FREE printable PDF pattern for 6-inch doll clothes wardrobe This pattern will likely fit any 6 inch dolls … Continue reading #PDFpattern Wednesday: T-shirt for the 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl and similar-sized #dolls

This image shows the Chelly Wood doll holding a tape measure next to the 6 inch Mini American Girl doll. Beside these two is a blond haired, tan-bodied made-to-move Barbie doll. All three dolls wear handmade doll clothes. They appear to be standing in a tiny sewing room, complete with a desk, a sewing machine, and other sewing-related furnishings. It looks like the dolls are about to use the tiny tape measure to take measurements of the little American Girl 6 inch doll, for a sewing project. This image accompanies a blog post for hashtag tape measure Tuesday in which we learn the specific measurements for the 6 inch American girl doll mini. The blog post for measuring a 6 inch doll is found at, and this watermark appears on the photograph of these dolls.

#TapeMeasureTuesday: How does the 6″ Mini American Girl doll measure up against Barbie?

Recently received a comment from blog follower “PlayScaleTheater,” asking if the 6-inch American Girl Mini dolls looked like they would fit in 1:6 scale dioramas with Barbie dolls. So today’s #TapeMeasureTuesday offers both the measurements for the little 6″ AG dolls, and a couple of photos showing the six-inch American Girl dolls with the Made to Move Barbie. First, let’s take a look at … Continue reading #TapeMeasureTuesday: How does the 6″ Mini American Girl doll measure up against Barbie?

The image shows a little 6 inch American Girl doll (Kit Kittredge) wearing handmade doll clothes: a soft pink T-shirt and elastic-waist shorts. The website where this image is found is, and it offers free printable sewing patterns for both the T-shirt and the shorts, along with hundreds of other free printable sewing patterns (many are PDF format for easy download) for dolls of many shapes and sizes, including 6-inch dolls like the American Girl Kit Kittredge 6 inch mini doll.

#MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @

If you enjoy online sewing groups, it’s not too late to join the hashtag #MeMadeMay on Twitter or Instagram. This week I’m showing off my little 6-inch Kit Kittredge doll, wearing my hand-sewn T-shirt. In case you missed last week’s post about my undercover jersey fabric hack, here’s a link. It explains how I gathered up a bunch of matching jersey fabrics for mix-and-match outfits, … Continue reading #MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @

The image shows vintage Crissy doll (from Ideal Toy Co.) wearing handmade doll clothes including an easy to sew felt shirt and polka dot skirt. Beside this image is a photo of a BFC Ink doll from MGA Entertainment Toys and Games. The BFC Ink doll wears handmade doll clothes as well, including in her outfit a v-neck blouse and embellished spotty skirt. Both dolls are posed in lovely diorama scenes: the Crissy doll stands between two palm trees on a beach; the retired BFC Ink doll (Best Friends Club Ink) appears to be in an art museum with a 1970’s poster on the wall behind her. On each image is the watermark of the website where you can download the FREE sewing patterns to make the outfits shown on the Crissy doll and BFC Ink dolls: (free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes). Chelly Wood’s free printable patterns are offered as PDF downloads.

Free 18 Inch Doll Clothes Patterns for #Vintage Crissy #Doll and BFC Ink #Dolls

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: Today’s blog post is part of the new 2019 website renovations. I’m working behind the scenes to make it easier to find the patterns you want. If you’d like to make one of the outfits shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the outfit you’d like to sew. This will take you to a larger image … Continue reading Free 18 Inch Doll Clothes Patterns for #Vintage Crissy #Doll and BFC Ink #Dolls

This is the YouTube custom header for a DIY tutorial video showing how to sew your own underpants for the 6 inch mini American girl dolls. It shows the little 6" AG doll wearing her underpants with a matching T-shirt, and the overlay says "Six inch doll undies" and offers the URL, the blog where you can download the free printable pdf pattern for these cute little dolly underpants / panties / knickers in a size that fits the 6-inch American Girl minis.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE 6 inch mini #AGdolls underpants / knickers #sewing tutorial video

Yesterday I gave you my free pdf sewing pattern with lots of little mini 6″ AG doll clothes patterns on it. Today I’m showing you the video tutorial that gives you instructions for making the miniature six inch American Girl doll underwear. Just in case you missed yesterday’s blog post, here’s the PDF Sewing Pattern for 6-inch American Girl doll underpants, shorts, a tee shirt, … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE 6 inch mini #AGdolls underpants / knickers #sewing tutorial video