#FridayFollow: #Teaching #kids to #sew with @CraftyGemini

Here on ChellyWood.com, I often get questions about teaching kids to sew. I do have a playlist on my YouTube channel dedicated to this topic, but I mostly sew by hand and my videos are primarily about sewing doll clothes.

So what if you want to teach your child to use a sewing machine? What if you want to teach him/her to sew something other than doll clothes?

I stumbled across this lovely video about teaching kids how to use a sewing machine, which I wanted to share with you today.

The video is by The Crafty Gemini, and you can find her blog at the link I’ve provided here. Her blog theme is “I teach, you learn, you make!” How clever is that?

Her YouTube channel has almost 500,000 subscribers, so she’s obviously an amazing crafter and community leader. Her channel offers playlists on quilting, beginner sewing projects, and sewing projects for babies and children.

I know that my friend and fellow educator, Jessica, has recently started to teach her daughter to sew, and I thought of her when I came across The Crafty Gemini’s amazing YouTube channel. So Jessica, if you two get tired of just sewing doll clothes, check out The Crafty Gemini for some easy sewing projects for kids!


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