The image shows a 6-inch American Girl doll modeling a pair of handmade briefs (underpants / knickers) with a handmade T-shirt (tee shirt). The watermark says "" which is the URL of the website where you can download free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes, including this pair of underpants and this shirt pattern for 6 inch dolls like American Girl.

#MeMade Monday: Underpants for 6-inch #AmericanGirl #Dolls (It’s #MeMadeMay!)

For #MeMadeMonday during the month of #MeMadeMay, I’m sharing this image of my 6 inch American Girl doll modeling handmade underpants and a handmade T-shirt. This project was a special request from Jeretta, who has been a faithful follower, leaving lots of comments here on my blog, as well as on my YouTube videos. Thank you, Jeretta! Today I’m only offering a preview of this … Continue reading #MeMade Monday: Underpants for 6-inch #AmericanGirl #Dolls (It’s #MeMadeMay!)