The image shows a Kit Kittredge 6 inch American Girl doll (AG dolls) wearing a handmade T-shirt. The overlay says 6" doll t-shirt and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns to fit the 6-inch AG doll and many other dols of different shapes and sizes. This image is a youtube video header, and in the video, Chelly Wood shows you how to hand-stitch this tiny tee shirt for little American Girl Mini dolls.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!

Today’s video shows us how to hand-stitch a T-shirt for the teeny-tiny 6.5-inch American Girl dolls (Minis). What’s that you say? You didn’t know American Girl made a Mini? Why, yes they do! Here’s a link to the American Girl official website, where you can buy these adorable little dolls. Click here if you just want to see their line of Minis. The free pattern … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: Let’s #sew a T-shirt for 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl #dolls!