This image shows an 18" doll wearing a red velvet shirt with tiny white buttons. It's a shirt with long sleeves. She also wears an elastic-waist skirt made of a cotton fabric that has a sky blue background and tiny snowmen patterns all over the fabric. The doll stands in a snow-scene diorama with pine trees and willow branches behind her on a snowy hillside. The sky in the diorama seems to be spotted with little snowflakes. The image has been watermarked with the URL (a website that offers hundreds of free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and all different sizes). If you download one of their free printable PDF sewing patterns for making these doll clothes, you are obligated to share images of the doll clothes and/or patterns with your friends, family, and followers, to fulfill the requirements of the "Creative Commons Attribution" mark that's shown on each pattern. Once again, these doll clothes PDF patterns are free to the public, as long as you share the information about where you got these free doll clothes PDF patterns for 18 inch dolls.

#Sew an 18-inch #dolls’ shirt and skirt with free #patterns @

I realize winter is behind us now, but I’m reposting this, the first sewing project of 2019, a semi-lined long-sleeve shirt for 18″ dolls and a simple skirt, because tomorrow’s project could easily be confused with this one. You see, tomorrow I’ll be posting a pattern for making a skirt to fit a more narrow-bodied 18-inch doll, like the vintage Crissy dolls and the … Continue reading #Sew an 18-inch #dolls’ shirt and skirt with free #patterns @