The image shows a little 6 inch American Girl doll (Kit Kittredge) wearing handmade doll clothes: a soft pink T-shirt and elastic-waist shorts. The website where this image is found is, and it offers free printable sewing patterns for both the T-shirt and the shorts, along with hundreds of other free printable sewing patterns (many are PDF format for easy download) for dolls of many shapes and sizes, including 6-inch dolls like the American Girl Kit Kittredge 6 inch mini doll.

#MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @

If you enjoy online sewing groups, it’s not too late to join the hashtag #MeMadeMay on Twitter or Instagram. This week I’m showing off my little 6-inch Kit Kittredge doll, wearing my hand-sewn T-shirt. In case you missed last week’s post about my undercover jersey fabric hack, here’s a link. It explains how I gathered up a bunch of matching jersey fabrics for mix-and-match outfits, … Continue reading #MeMadeMonday: Let’s wrap up #MeMadeMay with a T-shirt for 6″ #AGdolls @