#PDFpattern Wednesday: T-shirt for the 6″ Mini #AmericanGirl and similar-sized #dolls

This image shows a visual preview of the free printable pdf pattern downloadable link that's on the same page. In the preview, we see four images of a tiny 6 inch American girl doll wearing variations of outfits that were made using this pattern. One outfit includes a T-shirt that appears to be screen printed with the words "All Star" and this shirt matches the girl-power printed fabric of the shorts the doll wears. There's also an image of the same tee shirt in navy blue solid fabric with a pair of elastic-waist underpants made of the same fabric. The doll models a tee shirt and shorts made of pink jersey fabric as well, and in a fourth image, she wears the tee shirt with a skirt. Each of these 6 inch doll clothes items has a sewing pattern that's visible in the preview image: a pattern for a skirt for 6" American Girl dolls; a pattern for a T-shirt to fit the 6-inch American Girl dolls; a pattern for shorts to fit the 6 inch AG dolls, and two patterns in the shapes of underpants / knickers that six inch American Girl dolls (AG dolls) can wear. All of these are free printable sewing patterns that you can use, marked with the Creative Commons Attribution mark, with an easy PDF download at ChellyWood.com
Visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Yes, this is the same pattern we saw last week, but I thought it would be a good idea to re-post it this week, just in case you missed last week’s series of posts for making the underpants.

So without further ado, here’s the easy-to-download free pattern:

This pattern will likely fit any 6 inch dolls that have body types and dimensions similar to that of the 6″ mini-American Girl dolls.

Yesterday’s post offered the detailed dimensions of the 6″ Mini AG dolls, so look back at that #TapeMeasureTuesday post for specific measurements, if you’re sewing for a different 6″ doll and want to compare their sizes.

There’s also a very nice tutorial video (posted last week), that shows how to make the underwear for your 6″ dolls.

Thanks once again to Jeretta, who suggested this series of patterns in her comments on this blog.

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had patterns for Barbie and Ken dolls bell bottom pants. Maybe a website ? Thanks for your wonderful posts and patterns. Very helpful.

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