#SewingBlogger Thursday: FREE Shirt #Pattern and Tutorial for #Sewing a V-Neck 18-inch #Dolls’ shirt

Today’s tutorial shows you how to make a V-neck shirt that fits 18-inch narrow-bodied dolls like BFC Ink dolls and Crissy dolls, and it looks great with the crocheted lace trim skirt that we made just last week.

To go with your shirt, here are the free printable skirt patterns I posted last week, along with a link to the skirt tutorial:

Now to follow today’s V-neck shirt tutorial, you’ll also need this shirt pattern:

This week’s free shirt pattern is part of an ensemble that I designed to fit a number of dolls including:

You’ll see the various pieces of this ensemble in the image below:

This image shows a wardrobe of many clothing items to fit Wellie Wishers, Hearts4Hearts Girls, Crissy dolls, BFF Ink dolls, and many other dolls in the 13- to 17- inch size range. Included in the wardrobe are the following doll clothes items shown in pastel colors: a pair of shorts with a pocket, a pair of shorts without a pocket, a purse, a tank top with round neck, a tank top with V-neck, a lace-sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, a skirt with handmade ruffle, a skirt with lace ruffle, a skirt with lace ruffle and rickrack, a skirt with a floral embellishment, and a skirt made of London-print fabric in pink (showing the Tower of Big Ben, London Bridge, Brittish bobbies, and more), a pair of jeans without a pocket, and a pair of khaki pants with a pocket. All patterns and tutorial videos showing how to make these outfits are provided for free at ChellyWood.com.
Please visit ChellyWood.com for free printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

So if you’re enjoying my videos and free patterns, be sure to come back for a visit another day. It will take me a while to post all of these patterns and tutorials here, but eventually they will get posted.

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