The image shows the Chelly Wood doll from viewing her computer screen, and on the screen is the YouTube channel entitled "Pipe Cleaner Crafts," which is the topic of this week's hashtag Friday follow feature on

Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Today’s #FridayFollow recommendation is Pipe Cleaner Crafts on YouTube. The video I’ve posted here with permission comes from Pipe Cleaner Crafts, but they have a lot of additional videos showing how to make diorama miniatures, doll houses, and more! You should go check them out! I frequently get requests for doll shoe and boot patterns, and as you can see in the video above, Pipe … Continue reading Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

This amazing lady, who goes by Starrcreative, left me a helpful comment here on about a video that wasn’t working and needed a little maintenance work. Thank you, Starrcreative! So with a name like Starrcreative, of course I dropped by her blog. And WOW!!! What a find! She does lots of creative DIY projects of all kinds, but my favorite of her blog posts … Continue reading Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on eBay?

Who do you follow on eBay? One of my favorite eBay stores is Dodi’s Shop of Stuff. I’m actually lucky enough to have met Dodi in person, and she’s a woman with a business-sense that I truly admire and aspire to. Her eBay store has over 8,000 reviews with a 99.9% positive rating. You can’t find eBay stores with a better rating than that! Dodi … Continue reading #FridayFollow: Who do you follow on eBay?

The image shows an American Girl doll, Kaya, wearing a hand-made swimsuit. She stands between two palm trees that seem to be made of wrapping paper cardboard tubes that have been decorated to look like palm trees. In front of the doll is a shimmering "sea" made of table cloth material. Behind her, another table cloth is decorated with quilt batting to look like clouds. The words overlaying this scene say, "Doll Beach" and the URL is offered, as a location where you can learn more about creating this and other dioramas for doll play videos.

Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Here in the northern hemisphere, where I live, summer is coming to a close. But there’s no reason why you should say goodbye to the tropical weather… Let’s make a tropical island diorama for dolls, so we can keep those summery thoughts in our heads all winter long! Why not? Today’s tutorial video shows you how I made my tropical island diorama for my 18-inch … Continue reading Create a tropical #beach or #seashore diorama for #dolls w/!

Image of green face with large eyes and overlaid words say "My Froggy Stuff"

@FroggyStuff makes a #dolls #DIY #RoyalWedding dress! (posted w/permission @

Did you see the royal wedding? And did you love Meghan Markle’s dress? Oh my gosh! So elegant! This video (used with permission) was made by one of my favorite dolly DIY creators on YouTube: Froggy. Her video shows exactly how to make your own 1:6 scale wedding dress just like Meghan Markle’s. (Froggy’s video has tips for the diorama, bouquet, and veil too!) Now … Continue reading @FroggyStuff makes a #dolls #DIY #RoyalWedding dress! (posted w/permission @

FREE #DollClothes pattern for #PetiteBarbie #Fashionista dress @

This week’s posts are brief. Since I discovered that this dress pattern fits quite a few dolls, I’m busy creating official posts for each doll, so that I can offer links from my gallery page to each post. (Sorry for taking up a whole week to take care of business, but this is the best way to make the patterns easily accessible from the gallery … Continue reading FREE #DollClothes pattern for #PetiteBarbie #Fashionista dress @

Image of a clapboard like one uses in a Hollywood movie. It says "Production: Romeo and Juliet, Director: Chelly Wood, Camera: Reginald Stetson, Date: 2/27/16, Scene: Act 4, Scene 3, Take 2"

#Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!

We’re on the set of Romeo and Juliet today, watching the filming of Act 4, Scene 3 from behind the scenes. Check out that little clapboard I made from iClipart! (I just shrunk it down and printed it on cardstock paper, using two brads and an extra piece of black scrapbook paper for a hinge.) The doll who’s working the clapboard is my Traveler doll … Continue reading #Shakespeare’s #RomeoJuliet with #Dolls @ will be a sight to see!

The image shows a hand-made ironing board with cover. The website where you can find the patterns for both the ironing board and it's cover is displayed: This ironing board is made to fit 1:6 scale dioramas or dollhouses.

#DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

Yesterday’s post offered the pattern mentioned in this tutorial, and now, here’s the tutorial itself, showing you how to build a cute little adjustable ironing board for your doll’s dollhouse. Please note that this ironing board can be a little unstable (due to its adjustable nature) without the use of Glue Dots to hold it to the floor of the dollhouse. But as you can see, … Continue reading #DIY Adjustable IroningBoard for #Dolls’ #Dollhouse @

#DIY table for fashion #dolls (tutorial @

This little round table is surprisingly easy to make, using a cream cheese container, some craft sticks, hot glue, and contact paper. This table appears in several scenes, in my dolly version of Romeo and Juliet (which is still in production). __________________ If you’re searching for a pattern for one of my doll clothes designs, please navigate over to the Gallery Page. That’s the easiest … Continue reading #DIY table for fashion #dolls (tutorial @

#DIY #miniatures in 1:6 scale with free printable #patterns @

The image above shows the Barbie™ whom I’ve cast to play Sampson in my dolly version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. He wears bi-colored trousers, a distinctly harlequin-esque tunic, boots, and a cloak. He also carries a bottle of wine through the town square or marketplace. For today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you the patterns and tutorials to make each of these items: … Continue reading #DIY #miniatures in 1:6 scale with free printable #patterns @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows Japanese Momoko doll sitting on a four-poster bed with velvety bed-curtains. Momoko Doll wears a blue and gold gown with Renaissance lace-up sleeves and a blue and white gauzy veil. Caption says, "Chelly Wood dot com for free, printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

DIY #miniature 4-poster bed for your #dolls’ #diorama-free tutorial @

I’ve been posting free patterns for doll clothes for quite a while now, but let’s mix it up a bit for a change. How about we look at ways to spruce up our dolly dioramas? To make it extra fun, I’ll throw in the tutorial for the little table you see in the background (right-hand side of the image above): Here are those tutorials for … Continue reading DIY #miniature 4-poster bed for your #dolls’ #diorama-free tutorial @

What #Magical Places Did Chelly Visit While on #Vacation at #Yellowstone?

I’ve been posting links to the patterns and tutorials for lots of complete outfits lately. I’m doing that for two reasons: I’ve been enjoying some vacation time with my lovely family. I’m busy re-organizing my website to make it easier to find patterns. When a person takes the time to do a little vacationing with family, it’s amazing what wonderful things they see and do! … Continue reading What #Magical Places Did Chelly Visit While on #Vacation at #Yellowstone?