Check out @creative_starr for amazing #Barbie diorama ideas–YAY! #FridayFollow

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This amazing lady, who goes by Starrcreative, left me a helpful comment here on about a video that wasn’t working and needed a little maintenance work. Thank you, Starrcreative!

So with a name like Starrcreative, of course I dropped by her blog. And WOW!!! What a find!

Used with permission from

She does lots of creative DIY projects of all kinds, but my favorite of her blog posts was one called, “Barbie’s DIY Valentine’s Day Adventure.”

You gotta go see this! She has 16 different up-cycle and craft ideas for building Barbie dioramas, using around-the-house finds and dollar store treasures! YAY!

One of her DIY diorama projects is a hair salon set, which would go perfectly with my Barbie hair salon smock and hairdresser’s apron projects, so I’m re-posting those patterns and tutorials right here today…

But don’t forget to visit Starrcreative to gather ideas for building your own hair salon with all the goodies like a curling iron, chairs, a mirror, and even a tiny tissue box!

Used with permission from

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