Image shows Mattel's Ken doll wearing a traditional Kwanzaa hat with a green geometric-patterned shirt and mustard yellow pants. The female fashion doll standing beside him is a "Photographer" doll from the Lammily doll company. She has a curly afro hairstyle, and she wears a hand-made poncho with a colorful African-style print. Her skirt is red with a sparkly overlay of tulle. Behind them, on the wall, is a painting of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, and the furniture behind them consists of a wicker loveseat and a dark wood china hutch (which houses both elegant pieces of china and a collection of books). The dolls appear to be in close contact, with the male Ken doll placing his arm lightly around the female Lammily doll. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

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If you’re not familiar with Kwanzaa, there are a number of resources available to you on the web. I recommend that you google the term and learn a little about this very special holiday celebrated by many Americans of African heritage. To honor this holiday, I’ve designed a poncho pattern for fashion dolls. It fits many fashion dolls, including Mattel’s Barbie®, Mattel’s Ken®, Spin Master … Continue reading FREE #Kwanzaa #AfricanAmerican #dolls’ clothes patterns @

The image is a header for a youtube tutorial showing how to make a pair of boxer shorts or summer shorts to fit GI Joe, broad Ken dolls, or other bigger-bodied action figures. The YouTube tutorial also says that free patterns are included with the youtube video diy tutorial showing how to make these boxers or shorts. The overlay on the image offers the URL of the website where more free patterns and tutorials can be found:

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Here we have my DIY tutorial video, showing you each step toward the creation of a pair of boxers or summer-style shorts for your broad-bodied action figure (i.e. GI Joe and similar-sized action figures) or fashion dolls (i.e. Broad Ken and similar-sized male fashion dolls). As I noted in Monday’s post, Mattel’s Ken now comes in a broader version, so the patterns I made for … Continue reading Follow steps to #sew a pair of #DIY shorts for #BroadKen #dolls or #GIjoe

This is a FREE pattern for boxers, summer shorts, basketball shorts, elastic-waist trousers, or pajama pants to fit broad-bodied, muscular action figures and male fashion dolls like Mattel's Broad Ken dolls, GI Joe action figures, and similar-shaped 12-inch male dolls. The pattern includes instructions for seam allowances, a creative-commons attribution symbol, and a measurement tool. There's also instructions for locating the free sewing tutorial videos on YouTube and the URL of the doll clothes patterns website: This is one of many free printable doll clothes patterns found at (designed by doll clothing designer, Chelly Wood).

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Yesterday I showed you the preview of this pattern. Here’s the pattern itself, which is free to the public with its “Creative Commons Attribution” symbol. (Scroll down to “Additional Information,” to learn more about Creative Commons Attribution and what it means.) To make it really easy for you to print, I’ve included a link to the pattern as a media file below: Free printable sewing … Continue reading Let’s sew #boxers for broad male #dolls or #actionfigures w/free #patterns @

The image shows a GI Joe doll wearing a pair of handmade shorts or boxers. Behind him, on a spackled wall, is a classical painting, and under that is a work desk with computer, printer, and an office-style desk lamp. A folding chair is pushed up to the desk. G.I. Joe seems to look off into the distance, modeling his argyle shorts/ underwear with a nonchalant look on his scarred fact. The GIjoe action figure is African American, with sculpted abs and bare feet. The overlay offers the website where the free printable sewing patterns for making these shorts can be found:

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This week’s free, printable sewing pattern is for making a pair of boxers or summer shorts to fit broad-bodied dolls like G.I. Joe action figures, Broad Ken dolls, and similar-sized 12-inch male dolls. I know that a lot of my followers like to sew for Barbie and Ken, but were you aware that Ken’s shape has recently changed? Yes, Mattel still offers the slender, sleek … Continue reading This week we’re #sewing a pair of #boxer #shorts for male #dolls and action figures @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Mattel Ken Fashionista doll wearing a hand made tuxedo with suit and tie, dress shirt, and dress pants. Overlay says, "FREE jacket pattern" and offers the URL --this is the YouTube header for Chelly Wood's tutorial DIY for making a dinner jacket coat or tux for Ken dolls, Ever After High male fashion dolls, ken fashionista dolls and Spin Master Jake dolls.

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Here is everything you’ll need to make your male fashion doll a tuxedo–a full suit including the jacket, pants, shirt, and tie–for his wedding, prom, or evening formal! Dinner jacket, tux, coat to fit Mattel’s Ken, Spin Master Jake dolls, Ever After High male dolls, and many other male fashion dolls Tutorial is shown above Free printable pattern Trousers, pants, or dress slacks to fit Mattel’s Ken, Spin Master Jake dolls, Ever After High … Continue reading Easy #felt #tux for Ken #dolls w/FREE patterns @

Please visit for free printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a FREE printable sewing pattern for Ken doll dinner jacket, coat, tux (also fits other male fashion dolls like Spin Master Jake and Ever After High boy dolls).

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Here it is everyone… (drumroll)… The pattern you’ve all been waiting for! This FREE printable doll clothes pattern will fit Mattel’s Ken, Spin Master Jake dolls, Ever After High male dolls, and many other male fashion dolls. I’ve had requests for a male fashion doll coat/dinner jacket and/or tux pattern for years. I’ve struggled to come up with something that’s versatile, fashionable, and easy-to-sew, and in … Continue reading FREE #KenDoll coat #craft pattern fits other male #dolls @

The image shows a Spin Master Jake doll from the Liv Doll collection wearing a handmade shirt, tie, and trousers / pants. This pattern is a partial pattern for the shirt, but it includes the complete pattern for the trousers and tie. Instructions include seam allowance, printing pattern instructions, and a tip for finding the tutorial video that shows you how to sew these items of clothing for male fashion dolls. This is part 1 of a two -part pattern that includes the rest of the shirt plus a free jeans pattern for male fashion dolls. The website for this free pattern is, and the heading for the free printable sewing pattern is Trousers and Dress Shirt Pattern Fits Male Fashion dolls.

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This is the first of three free patterns I’m posting this week. You’ll find it easier to print this pattern if you click here, and follow the guidelines in my “How to Print Patterns” tutorial. The third in this week’s series of free doll clothes patterns will be a brand-new pattern for my site: an easy-to-sew dinner jacket that fits male fashion dolls! Today’s pattern … Continue reading #Sew a dress shirt, pants and a tie w/#Free pattern for male #dolls clothes