Time to sew our 1:6 scale doll apron! #sewingproject


Here’s the free pattern for the doll apron you see in the video above:

The apron pattern should fit most fashion dolls in the 10-inch, 11-inch, or 12″ fashion doll size range.

2 thoughts on “Time to sew our 1:6 scale doll apron! #sewingproject

  1. Hi! Have you had any experience with Soldiers of the World? They seem to be a G. I. Joe imitation, but were fairly successful in their own right at the time (late 90s). Now I can barely find out anything about them! I’m trying to find out if they’re exactly in scale with Joes (same head size, hand size, etc.), since despite figures saying 12 inch, they’re not always perfectly in scale with each other! I’m also desperately trying to find out if the Soldiers of the World figure Korean War U.S.A. Radioman has hair under his helmet or if he’s bald/balding. I’m considering him for a customization project, but he needs to have hair and to be perfectly in scale with Joes. Thank you! Your site is lovely!

    1. The Soldiers of the World action figures are indeed unique and amazing toys! But I’m not familiar with them enough to answer your question.

      However, there are action figure collectors’ groups on Facebook that WILL know how to answer your question. I recommend joining one of these groups and submitting your question to the group as a whole.

      I belong to one such group, on Facebook, called “1/6 Scale Dioramas of Any Kind” which welcomes anything with action figures, whether they’re GI Joe, Soldiers of the World, or whatever you have. Here’s a link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/417363401646457

      It has about 3,000 members, so somebody there is likely to have an answer for you. I’ve found them to be super friendly and helpful people!

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