Image shows a Skipper doll from Mattel wearing a hand-made Christmas dress with a lace-edged skirt and lace sleeves. She also wears an elf's hat. Overlay says "Make a holiday dress for dolls." The URL offered is

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This is such a cute little outfit for Christmas! The dress actually fits a whole bunch of dolls, not just Mattel’s SkipperĀ®. Just take a look at my “North Pole Christmas” stop motion video to see a preview of all the different dolls that can wear this dress. Today’s project is actually a re-post from last Christmas, but it’s worth revisiting. It was so much … Continue reading FREE Skipper #dolls #Christmas clothes #sewing patterns @

Sew a #dollDress for #Skipper or other 10″ #dolls w/FREE pattern @

Thank you for your patience, everyone, while I updated my gallery page this past week. Next week I’ll be posting some new patterns and sewing concepts, so my posts should be a little more entertaining than they have been lately. Here’s my final post of the candy corn dress pattern… To make this dress for the doll shown above (or similar-sized dolls), please use the … Continue reading Sew a #dollDress for #Skipper or other 10″ #dolls w/FREE pattern @

Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

If you look closely, Momoko’s bonnet is a lot like the bonnets the pilgrims wore, and let’s face it, the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. But this dress would also make a nice gown for the Christmas season as well. The elegant red and gold fabric made a gorgeous Renaissance-style gown for my Momoko doll. As you can imagine, I’ve created patterns and … Continue reading Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko