Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows seven different outfits you can make for your Monster High dolls, using the patterns Chelly Wood provides on her website. These patterns are free and printable. They include a pink sleeveless dress, a kelly green plaid puff-sleeve dress with cuffs, a pair of pants with a crop top, a Colonial shirt and pants with Colonial shoes, a sleeveless shirt with pants, a fancy dress, and a pair of bloomers. More patterns will be added to as time goes by, but as of this post, these patterns are all available on for free and they are downloadable with free tutorial videos showing how to sew these outfits for your Monster High dolls.

Free Sewing Patterns for Monster High Dolls

ATTENTION BLOG FOLLOWERS: Today’s blog post is part of the new 2019 website renovations. I’m working behind the scenes to make it easier to find the patterns you want. If you’d like to make one of the outfits shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the outfit you’d like to sew. This will take you to a larger image … Continue reading Free Sewing Patterns for Monster High Dolls

The image shows a Mattel Skipper doll wearing a hand-made pajama top. The overlay says "Skipper Pajamas" and offers the url (where you can find both the free pattern for making these pajamas that fit Skipper but also free tutorials showing how to sew this outfit for skipper dolls).

#SewingBlogger Thursday: #Sew PJs for Skipper #Dolls w/free pattern @

Are you ready to sew some pajamas for Skipper dolls? The tutorial above will guide you, and the patterns below are free to use, so long as you help spread the word about my free patterns and tutorials! Free printable sewing pattern for 10-inch fashion doll pajamas MS Word Download Free printable sewing pattern for 10-inch fashion doll pajamas PDF Download Tomorrow I’ll post the … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: #Sew PJs for Skipper #Dolls w/free pattern @

Image shows a Skipper doll from Mattel wearing a hand-made Christmas dress with a lace-edged skirt and lace sleeves. She also wears an elf's hat. Overlay says "Make a holiday dress for dolls." The URL offered is

FREE Skipper #dolls #Christmas clothes #sewing patterns @

This is such a cute little outfit for Christmas! The dress actually fits a whole bunch of dolls, not just Mattel’s Skipper®. Just take a look at my “North Pole Christmas” stop motion video to see a preview of all the different dolls that can wear this dress. Today’s project is actually a re-post from last Christmas, but it’s worth revisiting. It was so much … Continue reading FREE Skipper #dolls #Christmas clothes #sewing patterns @

Sew a #dollDress for #Skipper or other 10″ #dolls w/FREE pattern @

Thank you for your patience, everyone, while I updated my gallery page this past week. Next week I’ll be posting some new patterns and sewing concepts, so my posts should be a little more entertaining than they have been lately. Here’s my final post of the candy corn dress pattern… To make this dress for the doll shown above (or similar-sized dolls), please use the … Continue reading Sew a #dollDress for #Skipper or other 10″ #dolls w/FREE pattern @

Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko

If you look closely, Momoko’s bonnet is a lot like the bonnets the pilgrims wore, and let’s face it, the Thanksgiving holiday is right around the corner. But this dress would also make a nice gown for the Christmas season as well. The elegant red and gold fabric made a gorgeous Renaissance-style gown for my Momoko doll. As you can imagine, I’ve created patterns and … Continue reading Sew a #Holiday gown for #momokodoll w/ free pattern @ #ruruko