Free sewing patterns for making pants or jeans to fit GI Joe and similar-sized dolls or action figures @ #HavingFun #Sewing

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns.

Once again, I’m answering some of your requests for more GI Joe and/or male fashion doll patterns. The pants will fit a doll or action figure with a 5 and a half inch inseam (14 cm). This pants/jeans pattern has an elastic waist, so that makes them easy for children to dress their doll or action figure.

Today’s free printable PDF patterns will fit the following dolls or action figures:

  • 12 inch (30.5 cm) GI Joe action figures
  • dolls or action figures with a 5 and a half inch inseam (14 cm inseam)
The image shows a GI Joe action figure modeling a handmade gingham western-style camp shirt with rolled up sleeves and front pockets. The gingham shirt uses two different sizes of gingham check. The larger check is on the front and collar of the shirt; the small check pattern is on the sleeves and pockets. The action figure models a shirt you can make using free printable PDF sewing patterns found at (a website with lots of free PDF patterns).
Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

And here are the patterns and tutorial videos you’re looking for:

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The image shows a pattern for a pair of sailor pants or jeans with a bell bottom, like cowboys wear for the boot-cut look, or like sailors wore in the 1960's. This pattern is designed to fit GI Joe action figures and similar sized dolls or action figures with a 5 and a half inch or 14 cm inseam. Visit for the free printable PDF pattern download and the easy-to-follow free tutorial video showing how to make these clothes and other clothes to fit your GI Joe action figure or similar sized dolls.
Please visit for free printable sewing patterns to fit dolls and action figures of many shapes and sizes.


GI Joe action figures are owned and distributed by Hasbro Pulse, which holds the registered trademark for these retired toys (™). Please visit the Hasbro Toy website to learn more about their company and its trademarked toys.


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