Image shows the fabric of a doll's face inside an embroidery hoop, with a lovely blue eye on the doll's face. All around the eye, an embroiderer has used the satin stitch to sort of "paint" the eye, its eyelashes, and an eyebrow. The stitches are very delicate and lovely. Overlay says, "How to do the satin stitch" with a watermark of ""

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I don’t usually talk in my videos, but in this one, you get to hear my voice for once. As the tutorial’s title implies, this video demonstrates the use of the basic satin stitch, which I used for Angelina Bear’s mouth, plus the surface satin stitch, which is also very useful for creating a sort of “painted” look on a doll or soft toy’s face. … Continue reading Satin #Stitch for #Embroidery #Crafts @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns. Image shows a stuffed bear or plush toy bear plushie made from a fat quarter or fabric quilter's quarter. The bear has large floppy ears and a cute fat nose on a fake fur fabric muzzle. The overlay says, "free pattern (for a) plush bear" and offers the URL where the pattern can be downloaded and printed.

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This video shows you how to make “Angelina,” the plush toy bear, using my free sewing pattern. Angelina is the female companion to my firefighter bear, who wears a pair of denim jeans. Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make Angelina and her companion: Angelina Bear Free printable sewing pattern for Angelina Bear Tutorial (shown above) Firefighter Bear Pattern 1 for FireFighter … Continue reading #Sew a #bear with free #sewing pattern @

Image shows a printable sewing pattern for making a Smokey-like bear out of fabric. Image overlay offers the url

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I realize it says “Firefighter Bear” at the top. That’s because this is basically the same pattern I used for my firefighter bear,with slightly larger ears. This week we’ll be using the pattern to make Angelina, the companion teddy bear (or plush toy bear) for our firefighter bear. Here’s a link to the pattern’s actual page. If you need help downloading and printing my free … Continue reading Free #teddybear #plush #toy pattern @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows a pink bear plush toy (plushie or plushy) wearing a tulle tutu. She has big, floppy ears. Her fuzzy muzzle makes her face really cute with a big black nose and surrounded by clever eyes. The toy is made of cotton fabric, felt, and fake fur. This craft project comes with a free printable downloadable pattern found at (search for the gallery page).

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This week we’ll be making this super easy-to-sew bear plushie (in the US, we would say “stuffed animal” or “soft toy” depending on the region you’re from). This little bear has been made using a cotton fabric quarter with polka dot print, pink and black felt, and a small swatch of fake fur fabric. I think you could easily make the bear out of any … Continue reading #Sew a #bear #plushie #toy w/FREE pattern @

Image shows a soft toy bear in the likeness of Smokey Bear with overlay that says "free toy bear patterns and tutorial".

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Even though August is over, fire season isn’t, here in North America! I hope some of you will show your support for our hard-working firefighters by making a firefighter bear for someone you know. It reminds us all that “Only YOU can prevent forest fires!” So here are the patterns you’ll need: Pattern 1 for FireFighter Bear Soft Toy Pattern 2 for FireFighter Bear Soft … Continue reading FREE #FireFighter bear #patterns @ show our support for #FireFighters