Please visit for free printable sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and all different sizes. This image shows the Chelly Wood doll clothes designer doll (really it's a Spin Master Liv doll that has been repainted and the hair has been re-done in grey) standing beside Simplicity Craft Pattern #2613 which shows a number of plush toys (stuffed animals) that you can make with this pattern, including an elephant, a giraffe, a pig, and a cat. This Simplicity craft pattern is no longer in production, but it can be purchased on eBay or other used pattern websites. The image accompanies a blog post with commenting discussion about children's toys, and in particular, plush toys and how children will swap doll clothes with their baby dolls and plush toys. Feel free to join the discussion at

Does your child or grandchild dress up their plush toys (stuffed animals)? Join the discussion @ #plushtoys #dollclothes

Last Christmas, I made my niece, Emily, some baby doll clothes, which she dutifully dressed her baby doll in. Then she proceeded to take the clothes off the baby doll and put them on her “Kitty” (plush toy) instead! She prefers Kitty to any other toys. But it’s hard to make doll clothes that fit Kitty without having her plush toy in my hands to … Continue reading Does your child or grandchild dress up their plush toys (stuffed animals)? Join the discussion @ #plushtoys #dollclothes

The image shows Enderman from Minecraft. This is an easy-to-sew felt cube with a free printable PDF sewing pattern, which you can download at as a PDF file. The Enderman character is trademarked, so this is an "unofficial" pattern, designed by patern designer Chelly Wood. You can make this felt Enderman character or other Minecraft characters into a foot sack, hackey sack (hacky sack) or plush toy using a simple free pattern and felt. Go to for this and other fun craft projects for boys and girls to make / sew with felt.

Sewing With Boys: Make a Minecraft (unofficial) felt character w/FREE Patterns @ #momofboys #craftymom

Yes, you’ve seen this tutorial and pattern before. I apologize for the repeat. I have some new stuff to post this week, but with the Covid-19 Lockdown, a lot of people are home with their kids right now. This free pattern offers you something fun to do with both boys and girls, and all it requires is a little felt with a needle and thread! … Continue reading Sewing With Boys: Make a Minecraft (unofficial) felt character w/FREE Patterns @ #momofboys #craftymom

The image shows a zipper pouch parrot, designed by Emily D at CriticalHitDesigns on Etsy.

Feeling inspired by this designer’s lovely parrot zipper pouch… today’s #FridayFollow or #FollowFriday

Do you ever feel totally inspired by someone else’s handmade designs? The little parrot in the image above caught my eye on Twitter recently, so I started following his designer, Emily D, who has more creative stuff available for sale on Etsy at Critical Hit Designs. As many of my regular followers know, I love to make stop motion videos with dolls, and I’ve been … Continue reading Feeling inspired by this designer’s lovely parrot zipper pouch… today’s #FridayFollow or #FollowFriday

Image shows a soft toy bear in the likeness of Smokey Bear with overlay that says "free toy bear patterns and tutorial".

FREE firefighter bear PDF patterns @ show our support for #Australia’s #FireFighters’ families

Today my daughter said, “Mom, what can we do to help the firefighters in Australia?” I immediately thought of my Firefighter Bear pattern. So here are the patterns you’ll need, if you want to make a Firefighter bear soft toy for the families of Australian firefighters: Free printable PDF sewing patterns for making a firefighter bear You may need a re-fresher on how to do … Continue reading FREE firefighter bear PDF patterns @ show our support for #Australia’s #FireFighters’ families

The image shows a baby dragon pincushion curled up into a ball as if he's sleeping. The overlay tells you where you can download the free printable sewing pattern for making this dragon pincushion:

Sew a Dragon Pincushion with FREE PDF Pattern @ #PinCushions #sewalong

How cute is this little guy? It has been a while since I posted my dragon pincushion patterns and tutorial, so it’s time to update this pattern to a free printable PDF. Here you go: Free printable PDF sewing pattern for making a dragon pincushion Tutorial video showing how to make a dragon pincushion Click here for the older JPG version of these patterns Do … Continue reading Sew a Dragon Pincushion with FREE PDF Pattern @ #PinCushions #sewalong

This image shows a variety of craft projects you can make at home by printing the free patterns and printables at and by following Chelly Wood's easy-to-follow tutorial videos. The images in this gallery screenshot include a hacky sack Minecraft cube, a paper puppet, a miniature Christmas stocking, a quilted Christmas tree ornament, a dragon pincushion, a plush bear toy, an Instagram-themed pillow, a windmill pincushion, and tea towels with personalized applique towel toppers.

Craft Project Ideas With Free Patterns (Gallery)

If you’d like to make one of the craft projects shown in this gallery, just follow these directions: Click on the photograph of the project you’d like to make. This will take you to a larger image of the photo. Beneath the larger image is a link to a blog post for all the free  patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make that project. If … Continue reading Craft Project Ideas With Free Patterns (Gallery)

This is a picture of the Chelly Wood doll at her computer. She's looking at the cover art for a doll collector's blog and meetup website. This image illustrates today's #FridayFollow recommendation.

#FridayFollow : check out @KickFireClassics for exploring classic #toys

This week on, I shared with you my footsack pattern and tutorial (showing how to make a footsack like the Hacky Sack brand of toys). Now that you’ve made one, how do you use it? Well for today’s #FridayFollow, I’m including a video tutorial made by KickFire Classics on YouTube. KickFire Classics specializes in YouTube videos that show kids how to use classic toys, … Continue reading #FridayFollow : check out @KickFireClassics for exploring classic #toys

This image is the header for a youtube tutorial video that shows you how to make a minecraft character hacky sack or footbag or footsack toy using felt and sewing needle with thread. It's an easy project for kids who love minecraft toys. The pattern is offered as a free pdf printable sewing pattern.

#SewingBlogger Thursday: #MineCraft #HackySack sewing project w/FREE Pattern

This week’s sewing project isn’t a doll clothes tutorial; it’s a craft project. We’re going to make a miniature MineCraft character cube that you can stuff like a plushie or fill with rice or beans to form a hacky sack / footbag / foot sack. This week’s free pattern is also available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store, with lesson plans for teaching “How to … Continue reading #SewingBlogger Thursday: #MineCraft #HackySack sewing project w/FREE Pattern

Image shows the fabric of a doll's face inside an embroidery hoop, with a lovely blue eye on the doll's face. All around the eye, an embroiderer has used the satin stitch to sort of "paint" the eye, its eyelashes, and an eyebrow. The stitches are very delicate and lovely. Overlay says, "How to do the satin stitch" with a watermark of ""

Satin #Stitch for #Embroidery #Crafts @

I don’t usually talk in my videos, but in this one, you get to hear my voice for once. As the tutorial’s title implies, this video demonstrates the use of the basic satin stitch, which I used for Angelina Bear’s mouth, plus the surface satin stitch, which is also very useful for creating a sort of “painted” look on a doll or soft toy’s face. … Continue reading Satin #Stitch for #Embroidery #Crafts @

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns. Image shows a stuffed bear or plush toy bear plushie made from a fat quarter or fabric quilter's quarter. The bear has large floppy ears and a cute fat nose on a fake fur fabric muzzle. The overlay says, "free pattern (for a) plush bear" and offers the URL where the pattern can be downloaded and printed.

#Sew a #bear with free #sewing pattern @

This video shows you how to make “Angelina,” the plush toy bear, using my free sewing pattern. Angelina is the female companion to my firefighter bear, who wears a pair of denim jeans. Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make Angelina and her companion: Angelina Bear Free printable sewing pattern for Angelina Bear Tutorial (shown above) Firefighter Bear Pattern 1 for FireFighter … Continue reading #Sew a #bear with free #sewing pattern @

Image shows a printable sewing pattern for making a Smokey-like bear out of fabric. Image overlay offers the url

Free #teddybear #plush #toy pattern @

I realize it says “Firefighter Bear” at the top. That’s because this is basically the same pattern I used for my firefighter bear,with slightly larger ears. This week we’ll be using the pattern to make Angelina, the companion teddy bear (or plush toy bear) for our firefighter bear. Here’s a link to the pattern’s actual page. If you need help downloading and printing my free … Continue reading Free #teddybear #plush #toy pattern @

Please visit for free, printable sewing patterns. Image shows a pink bear plush toy (plushie or plushy) wearing a tulle tutu. She has big, floppy ears. Her fuzzy muzzle makes her face really cute with a big black nose and surrounded by clever eyes. The toy is made of cotton fabric, felt, and fake fur. This craft project comes with a free printable downloadable pattern found at (search for the gallery page).

#Sew a #bear #plushie #toy w/FREE pattern @

This week we’ll be making this super easy-to-sew bear plushie (in the US, we would say “stuffed animal” or “soft toy” depending on the region you’re from). This little bear has been made using a cotton fabric quarter with polka dot print, pink and black felt, and a small swatch of fake fur fabric. I think you could easily make the bear out of any … Continue reading #Sew a #bear #plushie #toy w/FREE pattern @