Barbie Dress Up Game Romeo and Juliet Costumes for Barbies

#Barbie is seriously #offoffbroadway in her LadyCapulet #gown @

Lady Capulet is Juliet’s mother in William Shakespeare’s famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. As most of you know, I’m making a stop-motion video of Romeo and Juliet, using Barbies and other dolls as the movie stars. Doesn’t Barbie make a lovely Lady Capulet? To see an image of her after her make-under, wearing the wig from the play production, visit my Pinterest page. With white streaks … Continue reading #Barbie is seriously #offoffbroadway in her LadyCapulet #gown @

Image of Vintage Tammy doll wearing white wig, black gown, and harlequin-style pinafore

#Antique #TammyDoll from #Ideal has Free Sewing Pattern @

Yes, this little actress is the vintage Tammy Doll, made by the Ideal company. I designed her costume, snood, and a masquerade ball mask, and I plan to share those patterns and videos with you today. Scroll down for links to each one. Tammy will be playing an “extra” at the Capulets’ feast scene, in my upcoming stop-motion dolly version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. … Continue reading #Antique #TammyDoll from #Ideal has Free Sewing Pattern @

Image of Spin Master Liv Doll wearing custom-made African American doll wig with overlay that says "best doll wigs ever!"

I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls

As the video says, I recently bought a Liv Doll who really needed a new wig. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the work of this doll wig designer at Tabloach Productions! At first I was a little nervous about sending two Liv Dolls in the US Postal Service to be fitted for wigs. I thought, “What if I never get my dolls back? Or … Continue reading I recommend buying your custom #LivDoll wigs from @tabloach #dollstagram #dolls