How to make a BIG beach diorama for your dolls!

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Yesterday I shared some pictures of the 18 inch doll beach diorama that I built about four years ago or so:

An American Girl 18 inch Kaya doll stands on a beach, dipping her little toes in the waves, with arms outstretched toward the blue sky. On her left and right sides are palm trees. She wears a handmade bikini made of blue jersey fabric decorated with tiny popsicles in red and white. offers free, printable PDF sewing patterns for making doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

The video at the top of the page today shows you how to make your own doll beach, just like the one in the image above. It’s ideal for 18 inch dolls, but of course it would work for smaller dolls too.

And what a fun project to work on, as we watch the summer come to a close in the hot, hot days of August! (I live in the northern hemisphere, where it’s definitely the last days of summer…)

To build this set, you’ll need:

And that’s about it…

If you do decide to make this diorama, a lot of the stuff listed above can be found at second hand stores or in your home’s storage area. You don’t have to buy new stuff to make the project work.

And be creative… Leave a comment if you can think of another way of building your seaside dolly diorama! Offer your own tips and ideas!

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