Free 18 Inch Doll Clothes Patterns (Gallery)

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Behind the scenes, I’m creating a series of classes in doll clothing design techniques, so you can design your own doll clothes for your dolls, using simple techniques, household tools, and your amazing imagination! Click on this link to learn more about my paid courses on the Creative Spark Online Learning platform.

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To learn more about American Girl or Madame Alexander dolls, please click on the links provided. Note that is not connected to the American Girl company or its affiliates, nor is she connected to the Madame Alexander doll company. However Chelly personally enjoys designing clothes to fit the dolls their companies have created.

6 thoughts on “Free 18 Inch Doll Clothes Patterns (Gallery)

  1. Hi Chelly and thanks for all the tips and patterns you have offered us, they have been greatly appreciated. I was wondering if any of the patterns you offer will fit the Nancy doll that is available in Europe with many thanks Sue

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    1. Hi Sue! I’d love to tell you which of my patterns will be best suited to your Nancy doll, but I’m not familiar with the doll. Can you take some measurements and get back to me? Here’s a link to my video tutorial, showing how to measure your doll: Once I have those measurements, I’ll let you know which of my dolls is most like yours. Then you can try a simple pattern and see if it works (or can at least be altered to fit). Feel free to send those measurements via my “Submit a Question” form:

  2. Do you have a pattern for a jumpsuit/Pajama one piece for an 18 in American girl doll. I’m wanting to make her a Halloween costume but I need a pattern for a one piece.

    1. During the month of October, I’ll be posting two Halloween costumes for 18 inch dolls: a candy corn outfit and a donut costume.

      However at this time, I do not have any jumpsuit patterns for 18 inch dolls. There are jumpsuit patterns for smaller dolls that are available on eBay though, so…

      You might want to look into my “Doll clothes Alterations” course on the Creative Spark online learning platform. One of the things I teach in that class, is how to re-size patterns for one doll so they will fit a different doll. That may help you create exactly what you’re looking for.

  3. Hi, I just found your videos on YouTube and was wondering if you have or if you can create a reversible tunic pattern for the 18″ American Girl doll. Thank you!

    1. Interestingly enough, I’m currently creating a tunic pattern for the 18 inch American Girl dolls. I suppose I could make it reversible, but I may need to think about that one for a while. Let me see what I can do.

      And a word about requests: just because I’m working on a pattern, doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll be done with it any time soon. Some patterns (especially reversible ones) can be really tricky. It can take me months or even years to complete a pattern. But it doesn’t hurt to subscribe to my YouTube channel (or to this website), so you’ll get notifications when new patterns do come out.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your request! I do keep a running list of requests, and I try to get to as many of them as possible.

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