About the Author

img_1658I’m Chelly Wood, and my two greatest passions are sewing romantic costumes for dolls and writing books. My literary agent is the lovely and professional Liz Kracht of Kimberley Cameron and Associates.

While waiting for my books to be published, please feel free to enjoy the free doll play videos I create on my YouTube Channel, including Romeo and Juliet With Dolls and Adventures in Paris!

To see why I offer my patterns and doll clothes for free, please go to my Chelly’s Books page.

If you love to read books and you’d like to hear about my books when they’re published, or if you’re also a doll seamstress like me, consider connecting with me through one of these venues:

  • PinterestChelly Wood — Most of my boards offer free patterns for doll clothes and tutorials for my doll-related hobbies.
  • YouTubeChelly Wood’s Channel — You can see the videos I’ve created, including my sewing tutorials and book trailers (when my books come out).
  • Twitter@ChellyWood1 — You can see all of my blog posts from every blog I’ve created, not just this one.
  • FacebookChellyWood — This also shows my blog posts along with videos I create and stuff I like on YouTube.
  • Facebook Version of ChellyWood.com — This is just a FB “blog” site, where my blog posts from here become duplicated. In my humble opinion, it’s much easier to download my patterns from this primary blog, rather than the FB one. But if you’re a fan of FB, you might want to use this interface to see my postings from time to time.
  • Tumblrchellywoodauthor — This account shows my blog posts as well, but it seems like it hasn’t been working as well lately. I’m not sure why…?
  • GoodreadsChelly Wood — Let’s discuss our favorite books! (I’m more active on Goodreads during the summer, when I have more time.)
  • Etsy: Chelly Wood — I do have an Etsy store account, but I almost never sell my creations. I’m too busy having fun! If I do get the urge to sell some of my stuff, I prefer selling on Etsy rather than eBay or Facebook. They have a very efficient platform.
  • NaNoWriMo: Chelly Wood — I’m mostly active on this website in November, which is National Novel Writers’ Month.
  • Google+: Chelly Wood — I don’t use my Google+ account much, so let me know why you want to connect with me here, if you want me to follow you back. Otherwise I’ll assume you’re selling real estate or something! 😉

My Other Blogs

English Emporium — This website offers tips on comma use, capitalization rules, common spelling errors, sentence structure, poetry, and so much more! If you’re a writer, student, or English teacher, this is the site for you!

Secret Pal Teachers — Do you have a “Secret Santa” or “Office Pal” program at your place of employment? On this website I offer ideas for your secret pal gifts. It’s especially geared toward teachers, but most of my posts would appeal to nearly anyone. During November and December, I post frequently.

Well, I hope I get to see everyone online!


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