#FridayFollow: get FREE #crochet patterns for #dolls from Norma at AllMyCrafts on YouTube!

Today’s video tutorial isn’t actually my own. It comes from Norma, at AllMyCrafts on YouTube.

I’m recommending Norma’s channel, AllMyCrafts, for this week’s #FridayFollow feature.

Even though I’m not very good at crochet, Norma’s videos are so well lighted, and she does such a nice job of explaining each step, that they make me feel confident to build up my crochet skills!

And this tutorial shows you how to crochet a pair of Wellie Wisher shoes (the Mary Jane style). How perfect is that?!

Next week I’m going to begin posting my Wellie Wisher / Hearts for Hearts Girls -size doll clothes patterns again, so I couldn’t resist the urge to tell you all about Norma’s wonderful YouTube channel, AllMyCrafts! Go check her out, everybody!

On a side note, you can hear Norma’s dog in the background on this video. I totally understand that…

There have been times when you could hear background noises in my videos too. Our parrot, Captain Flint, always squawked when I did my early tutorials. Oh, it would frustrate me so much!

Captain Flint the sewing parrot.
Our parrot, Captain Flint. She’s with God now, but she was once a source of squawking in the background on my videos!

But that’s life. If you’re trying to post a video a week, like I try to do, it can be tricky to find a time and place where you’re not interrupted by the family, friends, and–yes–pets while making your videos!

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