This image shows a handmade apron for 11 to 12 inch fashion dolls like Barbie, Liv Dolls, Queens of Africa and Poppy Parker. The apron has three front pockets, a ribbon that ties the apron in the back, and a snap closure at the neck of the apron. The fabric of the apron is a pink checkerboard while the pockets are a solid pink fabric. Visit for the free printable sewing pattern and tutorial video showing how to make this doll clothes sewing project using our free printable PDF sewing pattern.

This week’s sewing project: make a doll’s apron w/ pockets! #amsewing #dollcrafts

Those of you who are regular or ChellyWood1 followers are already familiar with the blue apron that the Chelly Wood doll wears in the opening and closing sequence of many of my doll clothes sewing videos. In that opening and closing sequence, the Chelly Wood doll wears a blue apron with yellow ribbons to tie it in back and at the neck. Well, guess … Continue reading This week’s sewing project: make a doll’s apron w/ pockets! #amsewing #dollcrafts

Click on the blue hyperlink words below this image, if you'd like to watch the video tutorial that shows how to make a 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace. This project uses scrapbook paper with a "brick look," foam board, glue, hot glue, a picture frame, a cardboard box, markers, and a pencil to build the miniature fireplace.

How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

Today’s video tutorial shows you how to make your own dollhouse fireplace with a brick chimney and dais, a mantel, and wisps of fire in the hearth. I’m using primarily scrapbooking supplies for this DIY 1:6 scale diorama project. If you like making dollhouse miniatures, I actually have quite a few videos about building dollhouse miniatures for your dioramas. Click here to visit that gallery. … Continue reading How to make a miniature 1:6 scale dollhouse fireplace for winter holiday dioramas @ #dollhouse #miniatures #winter

Today's blog post is a poll. Chelly Wood, the doll clothes designer, is wondering whether her blog followers prefer measurements in inches or cm. Feel free to cast your vote at where doll clothes sewing patterns can be downloaded for free.

Inches or Centimeters: Which form of #measurement do you prefer when #sewing for #dolls? #TapeMeasureTuesday

Today I’d like to get a little feedback from my followers. The question is simple: when sewing for dolls, do you prefer to measure in inches or centimeters (or millimeters — or all of these)? Feel free to leave your thoughts, regarding my “Tape Measure Tuesday” feature in the comments at the bottom of the page. Do you find this feature useful? Or would you … Continue reading Inches or Centimeters: Which form of #measurement do you prefer when #sewing for #dolls? #TapeMeasureTuesday

The image shows the Chelly Wood doll from viewing her computer screen, and on the screen is the YouTube channel entitled "Pipe Cleaner Crafts," which is the topic of this week's hashtag Friday follow feature on

Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

Today’s #FridayFollow recommendation is Pipe Cleaner Crafts on YouTube. The video I’ve posted here with permission comes from Pipe Cleaner Crafts, but they have a lot of additional videos showing how to make diorama miniatures, doll houses, and more! You should go check them out! I frequently get requests for doll shoe and boot patterns, and as you can see in the video above, Pipe … Continue reading Let’s make doll shoes with Pipe Cleaner Crafts! #FridayFollow #Crafty #Dolls

The image shows Ideal's 16" Velvet doll wearing hand-made doll clothes along side a 14-inch doll (Hearts4Hearts) and a 15-inch doll (Wellie Wisher). Velvet is a vintage doll and is the cousin of the Crissy doll, from the Ideal toy company. Velvet's handmade doll clothes are made with free printable sewing patterns found at These skirt patterns and shirt patterns are designed to fit all three dolls, so the dolls can swap clothing. These free patterns are easy to download and print, and each free doll clothes pattern comes with a youtube tutorial that shows you instructions for making the outfits using the free patterns. Vintage Velvet doll stands at 16 inches tall, and these patterns will fit her easily.

Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

Last week we made the skirts. This week we’re going to sew up some cute little felt shirts to go with our back-to-school skirts. Once again, this week’s free pattern for a felt shirt will fit the 14-inch Hearts4Hearts Girl doll (Consuelo is pictured in the center above), the 15-inch Wellie Wisher doll (my Kendall doll is on the right), and the 16-inch Crissy/Velvet doll from … Continue reading Free Shirt Pattern for 14 inch, 15 inch, and 16 inch #Dolls @ #Sewing 4#Kids

Image shows a pattern for making doll sandals. The tutorial that this video header accompanies will show you how to make sandals for dolls in the size ranges which include 14 inch dolls, 15 inch dolls, 16 inch dolls, 17 inch dolls, and 18 inch dolls. The pattern includes a foam sole pattern and a pattern for the ribbon, bias tape, or elastic strap that goes across the top of the doll's foot. The image has a watermark for the website where you can view the tutorial video and download the free printable patterns for making these doll sandals.

We’re making sandals for #Dolls @! #crafty #AmericanGirl

As promised, here are the free, printable patterns for making the sandals you see in my DIY tutorial video above: 18 inch (46 cm) doll sandal pattern (FREE) 14 inch to 16 inch (35 cm to 41 cm) doll sandal pattern (also FREE to download and print) This is the last printable accessory pattern to create the 18″ doll clothes ensemble we’ve been working on … Continue reading We’re making sandals for #Dolls @! #crafty #AmericanGirl

The image shows a free printable doll clothes sewing pattern for making a DIY gym bag, duffle bag, kit bag, or duffel bag for American Girl 18" dolls. This is also the free printable pattern for making a no-sew slide-style shoe, flip-flop, thong, or sandal to fit 18" American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls (46 cm), or any other dolls in that size range. The pattern is marked with the website and the creative commons attribution symbol. The sandal pattern is marked with an easy-to-sew mark and the travel bag is marked with a more advanced sewing project symbol. This free printable sewing pattern is designed to accompany doll clothes that also have free patterns for 18" or 18-inch or 46 cm dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander and Liberty Jane dolls.

Free 18-inch doll sandal pattern for making a #dolls #summer shoes @ #crafty!

As promised in Monday’s post, here’s my pattern for a pair of sandals to fit dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, and similar brands of 18 inch / 46 cm dolls. Once you print the pattern, then cut it out, and finally use it to trace the sole of your doll’s sandals, you’ll find the foam sole will measure 2 3/4 inches or approximately 7 cm from … Continue reading Free 18-inch doll sandal pattern for making a #dolls #summer shoes @ #crafty!

The image shows an 18-inch American Girl or Madame Alexander doll wearing hand-made pants, and this header for a Youtube DIY doll clothes tutorial says, "Doll Pants" and offers the URL where you can find free printable sewing patterns for american girl doll clothes, madame alexander dolls' clothes, and other 18-inch dolls clothes (18" doll clothes ) patterns for free. In the UK, and 18 inch doll is 46 cm tall. This header is for a DIY tutorial that shows you exactly how to sew's free printable sewing patterns for 18-inch dolls' clothing, and in this particular case, it's a pair of elastic-waist pants.

Let’s #Sew some #doll pants with these #FREE 18″ #dolls’ pants patterns and a #DIY tutorial!

Today I’m going to share with you the two printable sewing patterns needed to make the doll pants that I displayed in Monday’s blog post, and above you’ll find the step-by-step tutorial video that offers instructions for sewing the doll pants. Here are the free printable patterns you’ll need to make the doll pants shown in the video: 18″ doll pants pattern 1 18″ doll … Continue reading Let’s #Sew some #doll pants with these #FREE 18″ #dolls’ pants patterns and a #DIY tutorial!

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a pair of Colonial-style shoes made of felt. Each black shoe has a longer-than-usual tongue and a silver buckle. The doll wearing these shoes is a Liv doll from spin master, but you can't see the doll's body--only her feet wearing the handmade felt shoes. She appears to be standing on a sandy surface. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns and tutorials."

Preview of this week’s #Colonial #doll shoes @

This week I’m going to show you how to make those adorable “Colonial-style” shoes for dolls, as shown in the images above and below. The image above shows a Project MC2® doll wearing the shoes. The image below shows a Spin Master® Liv doll wearing the shoes. Same pattern; two different dolls. I love it when dolls can swap shoes! The free, printable shoe pattern … Continue reading Preview of this week’s #Colonial #doll shoes @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a Barbie doll wearing a handmade ball gown. Overlay says, "Fashion doll gown tutorial" and offers the URL:

#Barbie #Princess Dress #Tutorial (FREE Patterns Coming Soon) @

Some of my YouTube videos go back a ways, and recently I’ve decided to re-do some of those older tutorials. Especially like this one, which (in its original version) gets a lot of views. For anyone who doesn’t remember the original video, this “remastered” version (like the old one) shows how to make a basic ball gown or princess dress for typical 11.5-inch fashion dolls … Continue reading #Barbie #Princess Dress #Tutorial (FREE Patterns Coming Soon) @

Visit for free, printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes. Image shows a black-line pattern for making fashion doll skirts. It includes a creative commons attribution mark, and each pattern piece is marked with the watermark "" Fashion dolls like Mattel's Skipper and Barbie, and the Monster High and Ever After High dolls are seen wearing skirts made using this pattern.

Here’s my #FREE #sewing pattern for a Liv #Doll skirt:

As I said yesterday, this pattern does fit other dolls besides just the Spin Master Liv Dolls™. In fact, you can see a number of dolls’ images on the printable pattern itself, to give you some idea about the versatility of this pattern. Some of you are just now realizing that this is almost the exact same pattern as the one I published for St. … Continue reading Here’s my #FREE #sewing pattern for a Liv #Doll skirt:

Image shows a MTM doll (by Mattel) wearing a pair of black capri pants and a black turtleneck. She holds her hands together over her head and stands in profile. The image resembles a famous painting of Audrey Hepburn. Overlay says, "Fashion doll easy capris DIY" and offers the website:

#Sew a pair of #CapriPants for #Dolls w/tutorial@

Welcome! If you look back at the free printable pattern I posted yesterday, you’ll find it goes with this video. These capri pants will be a nice addition to your doll’s summer wardrobe. You may also wish to make the turtleneck. Here are the pattern and tutorial for that as well: Free printable pattern for fashion doll turtleneck Video showing how to make the turtleneck … Continue reading #Sew a pair of #CapriPants for #Dolls w/tutorial@