Free pattern for 18-inch doll’s gym bag or duffle bag @ #AmericanGirlDolls #DollCrafts

Last week I gave you the patterns and tutorials for making the halter top and lilac-colored pants for 18″ dolls, but I didn’t include the pattern for the gym bag and sandals. Well, today I’m including those items’ patterns. This tutorial is an older one, but today is the first time I’ve offered this gym bag pattern as a free printable PDF sewing pattern.

Scroll down to the second set of bullets for the free PDF sewing patterns.

If you won’t be traveling this holiday season due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions in your area, you can at least sew a little overnight bag for your children or grandchildren. That way they can play pretend, as if they were traveling for the holidays!

Special thanks to Brian Garcia for donating this pattern (which is his own design with only a few tweaks from me) to He wanted to make sure people all over the world would have access to his unique miniature duffle bag / gym bag / overnight bag for crafting and sewing purposes. Thank you so much for sharing your creation with us, Brian! It’s a neat pattern!

Today’s free printable PDF sewing pattern will make a gym bag that works great for the following dolls:

And here are the patterns you’re looking for:

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The image shows a free printable doll clothes sewing pattern for making a DIY gym bag, duffle bag, kit bag, or duffel bag for American Girl 18" dolls. This is also the free printable pattern for making a no-sew slide-style shoe, flip-flop, thong, or sandal to fit 18" American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls (46 cm), or any other dolls in that size range. The pattern is marked with the website and the creative commons attribution symbol. The sandal pattern is marked with an easy-to-sew mark and the travel bag is marked with a more advanced sewing project symbol. This free printable sewing pattern is designed to accompany doll clothes that also have free patterns for 18" or 18-inch or 46 cm dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander and Liberty Jane dolls.
Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

Are you new to sewing? I’ve got a playlist of tutorials for the beginning sewists on my YouTube channel. It includes video tutorials showing you how to do a basic straight stitch when sewing by hand, how to use the whipstitch to hem a garment, how to sew on snaps, and even how to design your own doll clothes patterns, for those who are new to design and alterations.


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