#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

The image shows a vintage Tammy doll taking her pink poodle for a walk in Paris. She wears a handmade dress in pink, black, and white, and she has a little baret with a pom pom on her head. It's a cute little scene with Tammy doll looking very fresh-cheeked and adorable in the streets of Paris (with the Eiffel Tower behind her).
BarbiegirlsBySherri offers handmade doll clothes for Tammy and other vintage fashion dolls.

Since I’ve been busy sewing for Tammy dolls lately, I wanted to see who sells quality outfits for Tammy dolls online. Lo and behold, I discovered Sherri, who (like me) sews and seems to design and/or alter a lot of her patterns for Tammy (see image above).

She has the best Tammy doll board on Pinterest–the BEST! And her Francie board on Pinterest is WAY cool too, with a lot of neat vintage outfits to look at.

Sherri runs an Etsy Store, called BarbiegirlsBySherri, which offers lots of outfits and accessories for vintage Barbies, along with collectible dolls themselves. She not only has hand-sewn outfits, but she has fashion-doll-sized crocheted dresses for sale on Etsy as well.

When I contacted her recently, asking questions about her Tammy doll face paint (which it turns out she did herself), she was very friendly! I’ve begun following her just recently for inspiration as well as a personal interest in all the goodies she has for sale.

(On a side note, I am searching for someone in the US who can re-paint AND re-root my Tammy doll. Can anyone recommend someone? I think it’s tricky to get Tammy’s head off for a re-root, so I want to find someone who’s really professional.)

I stumbled across Sherri’s Etsy store while searching for someone to re-root and re-paint my Tammy doll. Unfortunately, re-painting and re-rooting isn’t one of her specialties.

Sherri has recently started a blog though. Click here to see what she has posted on her new blog.

I have not yet purchased anything from Sherri’s Etsy store, but she has made 374 sales on Etsy, and 212 of her customers have left reviews, averaging five stars (on a five-star scale). That’s pretty amazing! So when I do buy something from her (and I’m sure I will eventually), I feel confident that I’ll make a purchase I will enjoy for a long time to come.

Who do you follow on Etsy? Who do you follow on Pinterest? Feel free to leave a comment. I’m always scouting out new dolly-folks to follow and learn from!

5 thoughts on “#FridayFollow: Who do you follow on #Etsy?

  1. I can do reroots they’re fun. You shouldn’t have an issue finding someone! Have you tried the marketplace at denofangels.com? They mostly do BJD’s but some people can do regular doll face ups too!

      1. Still running way behind here, but catching up… From what I’ve heard of that board they don’t allow anything vinyl or playline. If you’re still trying to find someone, you could try asking on Dollieh Sanctuary, they allow anything considered a doll and there are a lot of crafters and OOAKers there who do things like that. I’m too nervous to do any dolls but my own yet, tho I have done one needle and thread reroot and some faceups and color alterations (aka just changing eye colors). The board is here if you need a link: http://www.dolliehsanctuary.com/sanctuary/index.php

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