#DollClothes #Sewing Pattern Blog Gets a #Holiday #MakeOver @ ChellyWood.com

The image shows a swirling cluster of vines which are actually part of a wedding dress image from iClipart. At the bottom of the image is the website URL and company logo for ChellyWood.com, a website that offers free, printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos that show you how to make doll clothes to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes including but not limited various sizes of Barbie dolls, American Girl dolls, and more. The doll clothes patterns are free and printable, easy to find, and easy to sew even for beginners and children.
Visit ChellyWood.com for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes.

As most of my regular followers have already noticed, the face of my blog, ChellyWood.com, has changed. I’ve tried to update the blog to offer a more user-friendly approach for those of you who are using mobile devices.

What motivated this change? At some point, I had uploaded well over 100 images with links to my free doll clothes patterns in the main Gallery Page, and when my followers started to say, “I can’t find ______ on the Gallery Page,” I knew there was a glitch in the system.

Believe it or not, my Gallery Page had maxed out! The theme I’d been using only allowed me to offer 99 images, so after I’d loaded over 100 free patterns, each time I added a new image to the gallery, my hosting site bumped another image into cyber oblivion…

Therefore I decided a change was due.

This new format will allow me to offer a different gallery page for each doll size. That way, if you’re looking specifically for AG doll clothes or just Crissy doll clothes, you can click on the 18″ Doll Clothes menu item, and it will show you all the latest posts for making clothes to fit 18-inch dolls.

My blog is still under construction, so if you’re looking for patterns to fit dolls under 12 inches tall, including Barbie, Monster High, or another of the dolls that’s not represented here today, I’m working on building up each of those menu items. Hopefully by the end of December, my blog will be up and running again at full capacity, with links to every doll clothes pattern you’ll want or need.

Meanwhile, if it’s a pattern that I posted more than a month ago, just click on the Gallery Page, and you should still be able to see the patterns and tutorials you need. Otherwise, feel free to submit a question. I can always send you a link to the pattern you need via email.

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