#Sew a #summerwardrobe for your 28-inch #dolls with free patterns @ ChellyWood.com

Click here for all the free printable sewing patterns and tutorial videos you’ll need to make the outfit shown in this photo: https://wp.me/p1LmCj-G8a

This week I’m trying to catch up on my blog posts that offer lots of options for building your 28-inch doll’s wardrobe. Today I’m posting the patterns and tutorials for making the easy-sew felt top and elastic-waist shorts shown in the image above (worn by the 28-inch “Just Play” Barbie).

Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this summer outfit:

There’s also a swimsuit pattern for these oversized dolls, here on ChellyWood.com. I posted it earlier this week.

So it should be both easy and fun to create a nice summer wardrobe for your 28-inch “Just Play” Barbie or any other dolls in a similar size range.

Do you enjoy these free patterns and tutorials? If so, here are some helpful ways to tell the world about my patterns:

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