In this image, we see an 18 inch doll modeling a sleeveless shirt with an elastic-waist skirt. The fabric is made of a confetti-patterned cotton. The patterns are free and printable for sewing these doll clothes for your 18 inch dolls, using the "Creative Commons Attribution" mark, and you can download the free PDF patterns for these doll clothes at (but by downloading these free PDFs you agree to share images of these patterns with your friends, family, and followers, so they too will know where to find free printable sewing PDF patterns for 18" doll clothes online).

Sleeveless shirt for 18″ dolls @ #dollclothes for #SouthernHemisphere #SummerFashions

How pretty does my little 18″ Madame Alexander doll look in that cute sleeveless top and matching elastic-waist schoolgirl skirt?! I’ve had the sleeveless shirt pattern available here on for quite some time now, but this week I’m going to give you a new method for sewing the sleeveless top together. In the past, we’ve used simple felt, which doesn’t need any hemming, to … Continue reading Sleeveless shirt for 18″ dolls @ #dollclothes for #SouthernHemisphere #SummerFashions

This is a picture of the Chelly Wood doll at her computer. She's looking at the cover art for a doll collector's blog and meetup website. This image illustrates today's #FridayFollow recommendation.

#FridayFollow : check out @KickFireClassics for exploring classic #toys

This week on, I shared with you my footsack pattern and tutorial (showing how to make a footsack like the Hacky Sack brand of toys). Now that you’ve made one, how do you use it? Well for today’s #FridayFollow, I’m including a video tutorial made by KickFire Classics on YouTube. KickFire Classics specializes in YouTube videos that show kids how to use classic toys, … Continue reading #FridayFollow : check out @KickFireClassics for exploring classic #toys

#Sew a #summerwardrobe for your 28-inch #dolls with free patterns @

This week I’m trying to catch up on my blog posts that offer lots of options for building your 28-inch doll’s wardrobe. Today I’m posting the patterns and tutorials for making the easy-sew felt top and elastic-waist shorts shown in the image above (worn by the 28-inch “Just Play” Barbie). Here are all the patterns and tutorials you’ll need to make this summer outfit: FREE … Continue reading #Sew a #summerwardrobe for your 28-inch #dolls with free patterns @

This is a free printable sewing pattern for 11.5 inch dolls like Mattel's Barbie dolls. The pattern includes shorts, capri pants, and a tank top shirt. Instructional tutorial videos accompany this free barbie doll clothes pattern, and these tutorials can be found at

#Autumn Harvest #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns: a New Look to an Old Pattern @

This week we’re re-visiting what used to be my “Summer Wardrobe” pattern for 11.5-inch fashion dolls like Mattel’s Barbie and similar-sized dolls. This was one of the earliest patterns I posted on, which is why it is hand-drawn. You can see that I’ve re-named it the Summer or Fall Wardrobe Pattern. People who live south of the equator–Australians, Africans in southern regions of the continent, … Continue reading #Autumn Harvest #Dolls’ Clothes #Patterns: a New Look to an Old Pattern @

Happy #summer #sewing to my southern-hemisphere #friends @ #dolls

If you live in the southern hemisphere then summer is approaching soon… True, this past week I’ve posted the fall-themed “Sunflower Harvest” dress pattern for dolls, but I’m going to wrap up the week with a post for my faithful followers who live south of the equator, as they’re looking forward to the warmer weather of spring and summer. Yep! Today’s post is for all you … Continue reading Happy #summer #sewing to my southern-hemisphere #friends @ #dolls

The image shows a free pattern for a pair of doll shorts. The title on the shorts pattern says, "Free 18-inch dolls' Shorts Pattern" and it offers instructions for how to print the pattern, what seam allowances to use, and where to hem the garment. The header that accompanies this doll shorts pattern offers the dolls that can easily fit into this shorts pattern, stating, "Free Printable Shorts Pattern for 18-inch Dolls Like American Girl Doll, Vintage Crissy Dolls, and 18" Madame Alexander Dolls." These three dolls are pictured wearing the hand-made shorts, which use a pattern showing tiny nautical prints of anchors and little sailboats. The watermark on this free printable doll shorts pattern says, " free patterns and tutorials." the pattern also displays the "Creative commons attribution" symbol, meaning that anyone is allowed to use this pattern for their own creative projects, but they must also mention that they got the pattern here, on

Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

This week I’m going to show you how to sew my “Nautical Shorts,” which as we saw in yesterday’s preview post, will fit most 18-inch dolls, including American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls, and even the Vintage Crissy doll that I displayed in yesterday’s post. At the top of this post, you will find my free, printable sewing pattern, but it’s a little easier to … Continue reading Free printable shorts #patterns for #AmericanGirl and other 18-inch #dolls

The image shows American Girl doll Kaya wearing a hand-made bikini which includes the bikini top and the bikini bottoms. The overlay says "Doll Bikini part 1" and offers the URL "" as the location for the free pattern for this doll swimsuit. The pattern will fit most 18" dolls (18-inch dolls = apprx. 46 cm). That means this swimsuit pattern will fit Madame Alexander dolls as well as AG dolls. It's likely this free swimsuit pattern will also fit Journey Girls and similar sized dolls. Instructions for downloading and sewing together this free bikini pattern are found at along with hundreds of other doll clothes patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes.

#FREE bikini bottoms or underwear patterns for your #AGdoll or other 18-inch #dolls @

Here’s everything you’ll need to make a pair of bikini bottoms or underpants for your 18-inch dolls: Pattern for bikini bottoms FRONT Pattern for bikini bottoms BACK As I’ve said in earlier posts, next week I’ll be posting the pattern for a bikini top to go with the bottoms. These free printable sewing patterns will fit American Girl dolls, Madame Alexander dolls and many other … Continue reading #FREE bikini bottoms or underwear patterns for your #AGdoll or other 18-inch #dolls @

This is a free printable sewing pattern for the back part of an 18-inch doll's bikini bottoms (swimsuit lower half for a two-piece swimsuit). The pattern includes instructions for seam allowances and it offers a URL where free video tutorials will show how to make the swimsuit or underwear: Photographs of an 18 inch American Girl doll and an 18 inch Madame Alexander doll are shown on the pattern with the dolls modeling the swimsuit. There's also a close-up photo of the doll's lower half wearing the bikini bottoms. The pattern is marked with a "Creative Commons Attribution" symbol.

Free 18-inch #dolls’ underwear or swimsuit #sewing #pattern

Here’s the back portion of the bikini swimsuit bottoms pattern. Tomorrow I’ll post the front side of the pattern. For easy download, try clicking here. You can also follow the instructions in this video tutorial if you need help printing your patterns. As I said in yesterday’s post, this pattern will fit most 18-inch dolls, like American Girl, Madame Alexander, and similar-sized dolls. The funny-looking edge around … Continue reading Free 18-inch #dolls’ underwear or swimsuit #sewing #pattern

The image shows a free printable doll clothes sewing pattern for making a DIY gym bag, duffle bag, kit bag, or duffel bag for American Girl 18" dolls. This is also the free printable pattern for making a no-sew slide-style shoe, flip-flop, thong, or sandal to fit 18" American Girl dolls and Madame Alexander dolls (46 cm), or any other dolls in that size range. The pattern is marked with the website and the creative commons attribution symbol. The sandal pattern is marked with an easy-to-sew mark and the travel bag is marked with a more advanced sewing project symbol. This free printable sewing pattern is designed to accompany doll clothes that also have free patterns for 18" or 18-inch or 46 cm dolls like American Girl and Madame Alexander and Liberty Jane dolls.

Free 18-inch doll sandal pattern for making a #dolls #summer shoes @ #crafty!

As promised in Monday’s post, here’s my pattern for a pair of sandals to fit dolls like American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Dolls, and similar brands of 18 inch / 46 cm dolls. Once you print the pattern, then cut it out, and finally use it to trace the sole of your doll’s sandals, you’ll find the foam sole will measure 2 3/4 inches or approximately 7 cm from … Continue reading Free 18-inch doll sandal pattern for making a #dolls #summer shoes @ #crafty!

Image shows the 18" or 46 cm doll from the Madame Alexander Doll company wearing a handmade halter top or tie-in-back summer shirt. In the front it looks a lot like a tank top but it’s really easy to sew. The image is a close-up which highlights the features of the summer shirt including one pocket and a ribbon tie at the neck. She stands on a sandy beach with a seascape behind her including rocky cliffs and rolling waves. This 18 inch or 46 cm Madame Alexander Doll is getting ready to have some fun at the beach today. The header for the image says, "Summer Shirt Pattern for Madame Alexander Dolls" and the watermark says, " FREE doll clothes patterns and tutorials." In fact, if you go to, you can download the free, printable sewing pattern for this summer tank top style shirt and the other Madame Alexander -sized doll clothes patterns for the other items of clothing, and all patterns at are free and come with a free tutorial video showing how to make the clothing item (including this summer shirt for dolls).

#DIY #Summer Halter Top Shirt for Madame Alexander and Other 18″ (46 cm) #Dolls

Above, you’ll see a preview of the summer top we’re going to sew this week. As always, free patterns will be provided. This halter-style summer shirt looks a lot like a tank top in front, but it ties at the top in the back, as you’ll see in the image below: As you can see in the image below, this summer top also fits my … Continue reading #DIY #Summer Halter Top Shirt for Madame Alexander and Other 18″ (46 cm) #Dolls

Visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a Liv Doll from Spin Master modeling a sleeveless polka dot summer party dress that has been sewn using a free printable sewing pattern from This website offers lots of free printable sewing patterns for doll clothes including clothes to fit the spin master liv dolls. The overlay on this image says, "Liv Doll Dress DIY," and in fact, it is the youtube tutorial header for the free tutorial video showing how to sew the dress that you can make with Chelly Wood's free doll clothes pattern.

#Sew a #FridayThe13th #partyDress for Liv #Dolls w/free pattern @

For my regular followers, this is the last of the three tutorial videos that go with Tuesday’s free pattern. For newcomers… welcome! This tutorial shows you how to make a sleeveless summer party dress to fit Spin Master Liv dolls. If you’ve just arrived, you’ll need the free printable pattern: Free printable sewing pattern for a Spin Master Liv doll summer party dress As the tutorial … Continue reading #Sew a #FridayThe13th #partyDress for Liv #Dolls w/free pattern @

Please visit for FREE printable sewing patterns to fit dolls of many shapes and sizes. The image shows a Wellie Wisher doll (from the American Girl doll company), a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll, and a Velvet Doll (from the Crissy family of dolls made by Ideal) wearing a pair of summer shorts that were sewn using the pattern on the page. This is a FREE printable sewing pattern for summer shorts that dolls sizes 14 inch, 15 inchs, 16 inches, or 17 in. can wear. It also fits 12" baby dolls. The pattern comes with a free tutorial on YouTube that shows exactly how to sew these shorts with clearly written directions that accompany the video. This free printable summer shorts pattern for dolls can also be sewn into doll bloomers or panties/underwear. That requires the use of a different tutorial than the shorts sewing pattern though. The free printable sewing pattern is overlaid with the URL and the "creative commons attribution" symbol. It has a few additional written instructions, including seam allowance and printing instructions.

#Summer #Shorts pattern for #Dolls is FREE @

Yesterday we revisited the images of several different-sized dolls wearing shorts made with this sewing pattern. As you may recall, these shorts will fit the Wellie Wishers (approx. 15 inches or 38 cm tall) and Velvet dolls (approx. 16 inches or 40.5 cm tall), as well as the Hearts4Hearts Girls, which stand about 14 inches or 35.5 cm tall. I’ve tried these shorts on my 18″ American Girl doll and my … Continue reading #Summer #Shorts pattern for #Dolls is FREE @