Image shows an easy-to-sew free printable sewing pattern for fashion dolls like Skipper, Barbie, Momoko, and Lammily. This pattern is free and printable at

Free sewing pattern for #Dolls’ #Felt shirt @ #Fashionista

As you saw on Monday, this pattern’s bodice will be used to make a shirt this week, and that sleeveless shirt (made of felt) is practically a one-size-fits-all pattern! A little advice with this pattern: I originally designed it to fit Skipper®, who has a small, high chest. For more adult dolls, like the Fashionista Barbies® and Lammily®, I recommend adapting the pattern so the … Continue reading Free sewing pattern for #Dolls’ #Felt shirt @ #Fashionista

Image shows Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, Petite Barbie, Spin Master Liv Doll, Lammily Doll, and Momoko Doll all modeling the same shirt. Overlay says, "DIY Felt Doll Shirt: One Size Fits All". The shirt pictured is made of felt.

Preview of this week’s free #DollClothes #Sewing #Patterns @

My birthday is coming soon, and I’ll be having company over. So to allow myself a little free time while I have guests, we’re going to play mix-and-match this week, with my latest pattern: an easy-to-sew, one-size-fits-all, felt, sleeveless shirt. It literally is one-size-fits-all. Just look at the image at the top! Who fits in this shirt? Curvy Barbie®, Petite Barbie®, Tall Barbie® (as a … Continue reading Preview of this week’s free #DollClothes #Sewing #Patterns @

Image shows Texas A & M Ken doll dressed in medieval clothing. He wears a black cloak. Above his head is a miniature torch, with its flame painted red, orange, and yellow. The doll stands over another male doll, whose face is obscured. The doll laying on the ground wears richly decorated Renaissance clothing with gold embroidery and a fancy muffin cap. The expression on the face of the Texas A & M ken doll is one of grief and regret. Part of the scene to the right appears to be obscured. This is a miniature "Barbie and Ken" version of Romeo and Juliet, and we find ourselves looking at the scene in the tomb, when Romeo has just stabbed Tybalt. To learn more, please visit

DIY Cape or #Medieval #Cloak for #FashionDolls @

  This week I’m featuring a sweepstakes giveaway contest for a cool ninja costume that fits Barbie® and many other, similar-sized fashion dolls. Yesterday I showed you how to make your own miniature sword, sheath, and belt, using my free, printable sewing patterns and YouTube tutorials. Today I’m showing you how to make a cool ninja cape or cloak, to go with your ninja costume. … Continue reading DIY Cape or #Medieval #Cloak for #FashionDolls @

DIY Toy #Sword, Sheath, and Belt for #Ninja Dolls or #ActionFigures

As you know, I’m running a contest for a free ninja costume this month. The costume doesn’t come with the ninja sword shown in my videos; however I’ve actually got a pattern and tutorials that show you how to make your own miniature swords, sword belts, and sheaths. These patterns and tutorials were created as part of my Romeo and Juliet costume sets. I designed … Continue reading DIY Toy #Sword, Sheath, and Belt for #Ninja Dolls or #ActionFigures

Image shows Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a handmade Ninja costume complete with body suit, mask, and black shoes. She's holding a packaged ninja-style sword. Overlay says, " free printable sewing patterns for dolls of many shapes and sizes."

Where to buy a #Ninja sword in 1:6 scale for #dolls @ #NinjaSteel

As you may have noticed, the contest, which I posted yesterday, is for just the clothing pictured above. It doesn’t include the sword, which is crucial to the whole “Ninja Steel®” look and feel. So how do you get your own samurai sword in 1:6 scale? Simple: eBay or Amazon. As you can see, in the image at the top of the page, the sword … Continue reading Where to buy a #Ninja sword in 1:6 scale for #dolls @ #NinjaSteel

Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel

I am giving away this fashion doll ninja outfit to one winner! Want to win? Take a look at the pic, then scroll down for the contest instructions. If you’d like to see which fashion dolls fit in this outfit, you can view the promo video right here:   Like I did with previous sweepstakes giveaways, I’ll post patterns and tutorials for making this ninja outfit after the sweepstakes … Continue reading Win a FREE #Dolls #Ninja Costume @ #NinjaKitty #NinjaSteel

Image shows the cover of a middle-grade novel called "the Black Lotus: the Samurai Wars" by Kieran Fanning. Three teenage ninjas are pictured on the streets of a city with a sunset behind them. They cast shadows on the street where they stand. The ninja in the foreground holds a samurai sword.

#Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel

Every now and then, I have reviewed a sewing or craft book, here on, but this time I’m straying from my usual topic for a sweepstakes giveaway contest that I’ll be posting tomorrow at 5:00 AM, Mountain Standard Time (US). Those of you who know me personally are aware that I work as a middle school librarian in my day job. Very rarely do … Continue reading #Librarian reviews #TheBlackLotus, a fantastic #ninja novel@ #NinjaSteel