Where to Shop for #Fabric in #Paris

Do you ever wonder what the fashion capital of the world has to offer to a sewist? Well, Paris is not called the “fashion capital of the world” without a good reason.

Last summer I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Paris, and of course, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to shop for fabric while I was there!

I’d like to thank my friend Jocy, at PinkChocolateBreak, for giving me directions to the fabric shop featured in this video. Jocy, you’re awesome! And you were absolutely right, Montmartre is the place to go, if you’re shopping for fabric and notions in Paris!

The video says there’s a link in the description below the video. Well, since you’re watching my video here, on my blog, let me give you that link to Frou-Frou right here: http://www.frou-frou-mercerie-contemporaine.com/boutiques

And don’t panic if you don’t speak French. The employees at Frou-Frou asked me if I’d like them to switch to English, and their English was pretty good. I think they have employees who speak multiple languages, which is nice.

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