Click on the link above for the tutorial video. This image shows a spool of thread and the text says, "How to Knot When Sewing" (meaning when one sews by hand). The tutorial associated with this image is found at

How to Tie a Knot Using a Needle and Thread @ #Crafts

  Yesterday I explained that in April (and possibly in May), I’ll be doing some re-posting of older patterns, so I can update my Gallery Page. Today I’m showing an example of the type of video I’ll be linking to in my “Tailor’s Tips and Tricks” section of each post. This one, quite simply, shows you how to tie a knot in your fabric, using … Continue reading How to Tie a Knot Using a Needle and Thread @ #Crafts

Image shows Barbie, Skipper, and Curvy Barbie all wearing the same skirt design, which has been hand-made using the pattern found at (URL is on the watermark and also says, "Free doll clothes patterns and tutorials).

Sew a MiniSkirt with #Tulle for #FashionDolls w/FREE Pattern

I need to start out by apologizing to those of you who are regular followers. The next six posts are going to seem like repeats, but that’s because I’m trying to update my Gallery Page. With each post, I’m creating images for the Gallery Page, and offering links to the patterns and tutorials for each of the outfits I made for St. Patrick’s Day. Of course … Continue reading Sew a MiniSkirt with #Tulle for #FashionDolls w/FREE Pattern

Image shows Curvy Barbie, Tall Barbie, Petite Barbie, Spin Master Liv Doll, Lammily Doll, and Momoko Doll all modeling the same shirt. Overlay says, "DIY Felt Doll Shirt: One Size Fits All". The shirt pictured is made of felt.

#Felt #dolls’ shirt is super easy to #sew w/FREE pattern @

The pattern and tutorial below is for each of the felt shirts shown above. As you can see, this pattern fits a number of different dolls, from the lovely Momoko™ dolls, to Spin Master Liv™ dolls, to Lammily™ dolls, to Curvy®, Tall®, and Petite® Barbies®. It fits Skipper® and some Disney Princess® dolls too! The best part about this felt doll shirt is that it … Continue reading #Felt #dolls’ shirt is super easy to #sew w/FREE pattern @

Image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie wearing a green and white striped swimsuit top and bottom that resembles the bikinis of the 1950's. Overlay says, "DIY Barbie Bikini Part 2" and offers the URL: for accessing the free patterns and tutorials for making this Barbie Bikini/Swimsuit.

Sew shorts or a #retro bikini for #Barbie® #dolls w/free pattern @

Last week I shared my video showing how to make the bikini top for this set. I also gave you the free, printable pattern you’ll need to make the bikini. This set is designed to fit Mattel’s Barbie®, but it also fits Spin Master Liv Dolls™, Queens of Africa™ dolls, and many other fashion dolls in this size range. (Please note that is not … Continue reading Sew shorts or a #retro bikini for #Barbie® #dolls w/free pattern @

Image shows a Made-to-Move Barbie (from Mattel) wearing a handmade ninja mask and hand-made ninja body suit. She holds a 1:6 scale samurai sword. The overlay reads, "We have a winner" and the watermark states the following website's URL:

#Ninja Costume Winner! #Dolls #Dollstagram

It’s time to announce the winner of my ninja costume sweepstakes contest! Congratulations, Tina! Of course I contacted Tina right away to let her know that she had won, and her ninja costume was sent in the mail on Saturday, March 25. For anyone who would like to make their own ninja costume, I do have a pattern and tutorials that will eventually be posted, … Continue reading #Ninja Costume Winner! #Dolls #Dollstagram

Image shows a made-to-move Barbie wearing a green and white striped retro-style swimsuit top, as part of a two-piece 1950's style bikini. The overlay says, "DIY retro bikini top" and offers the URL:

#DIY retro #bikini top for #Dolls w/free pattern @

Yesterday I gave you the pattern; today I’m showing you how to make the retro swimsuit top. I’m very pleased with the way this pattern turned out. In fact, as the pattern implies, I’d really like to try making a pair of panties and a bra with plain white fabric (or possibly lace fabric), using the same pattern. But I’ll save that for another day. … Continue reading #DIY retro #bikini top for #Dolls w/free pattern @